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3 thoughts on “Obamabomb

  1. And he got the nomination for the Democrats?!?!

    You know, everyone I talk to who is a big Obama supporter says the same thing “I’m voting for him because he is for change and I’d like to see change in Washington”

    They somehow think that he is going to cut their taxes while giving them more social programs. That he will reduce the government waste and give us a magically efficient congress because he is for change.

    Sad part is that when I point out to them that the president has no control over congress and that congress is the one writing the laws they just kind of shut down and pretend they didn’t hear that.

    Obama is for change, and change is good – even when it’s bad

  2. Well Instinct, he’s certainly less prickly than Hitlary, The Kankle Queen. With less than a 1/4 approval rating, the Democrats were smart enough to realize that they had a shoo-in for the 2008 election. They realized that they could put Satan incarnate in office if they really wanted to. That’s why they had to vote between the two least electable nominees ever! They are just so dead-set on having a reincarnation of the Carter years that they had to do something radical! As Rachel Lucas might say, Hopechange super double-plus good!

  3. Stay tuned, sports fans! My take on Obama is scheduled for tomorrow. It’s already written, but I had already posted a funny political commentary and decided to save the serious stuff for manana.

    Have a chuckle on me–just click on my link!

    PS–glad you and Jen made it home in one piece! Look forward to the next time!

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