Hilarious Screwed Up Song Lyrics

One time, when my son was a lot younger, he and I were sitting in a pizza joint. The Beatles were playing in the restaurant and he began to sing along, “She’s got a chicken to ride…” I almost sprayed my Coke.

The guys in the shop where I work are hysterical. Often, they’ll sing along to the radio, and more often that not will replace the word ‘girl’ with ‘squirrel.’ Today, I hear one of them singing, “Carry on my wayward son. There’ll be pizza when you’re done.”

My brother loves the Genesis song, ‘Half-Ton Fizzy Ball Toucher.’ Listen. You’ll understand.

She’s just a half-ton fizzy ball toucher. Yeah.

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5 thoughts on “Hilarious Screwed Up Song Lyrics

  1. As I was fixing the toilet I started singing to the tune of ‘The candyman’

    “Who can take a sprocket,
    And an Allen wrench.
    Mix them all together and
    then come out with a bench

    The handyman,
    Oh the handyman can!”

    Wife begged me to stop singing after the third verse, but she was laughing.

  2. “Everybody wants to rule the world,” came out to me as “Everybody wants to move away.”

  3. Instinct – LOL!!!

    Gatakitty – The Lion King is just too easy. Example:
    Diphallic terata: What a wonderful phrase!
    Diphallic terata: Ain’t no passing craze!
    It means to willies for the rest of our days.
    It’s our problem-free malformity!

    Orange Neck – I honestly didn’t have any clue what they were saying in that song. It’s kind of like It’s the End of the World as We Know It – I can pick out a few words after ‘that’s great it starts with an earthquake; birds and snakes and aeroplanes…’ From there it kind of gets blurry until you get to the namesake. Or, any given Nirvana song for that matter…


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