A Knife for The Boy

For months now, Isaac has been talking about karambits. Sometimes, he’ll obsess over something. For a while it was butterfly knives. He wanted that one, perfect karambit.

Jennifer and I were in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, and I was going through the Atlanta Cutlery catalog. I ran across their “Rustic Karambit,” and I said, “Umm, um, babe?”

To which she responded, “shut up and order it already!”

And, so, I did. And, it delivered last night. We were on the front porch, and the sun had set. The mail man came up. “You’re working late,” I commented to him. He chuckled and gave me the package. I knew what it was.

“Isaac,” I said, wanting to task him with something so we could check out the merch, “why don’t you go clean the kitty waterer?” And, he complied. He’s a good kid.

I ripped open the package and noted that there was no tape on the box. We pulled the lid off of it. “I’m not sure I want to wait two weeks for Christmas,” I said.

“It’s beautiful,” Jennifer said, “do you want to give it to him now?”


So, he came back from cleaning out the quadruped water fountain, and we asked him if he wanted his main Christmas present now or wait two weeks. You know how that went.

“I didn’t wrap it,” I handed him the box, “read the label on this side.”

He read, “Rustic Karambit.” He raised his eyebrow and gave me that “no, you didn’t” look. But, yeah, we did. He opened the box and proclaimed that it was perfect.

“Shall I take that girl to my strop to hone and strop her?” I asked.

“Yes please!”

Minutes later, I returned with his knife, and shaved hair off my arm with it, “that will get the job done, right?”

“Heck yeah,” he said.

So, today, I said to Isaac, “Since you’re carrying a weapon of the Sikh, you should follow their code of arms in carrying their weapons. Never pull it in anger. Only pull it in defense of others. That’s all.”

“Yes,” he responded with the gravity that the knife demands. I could see it in his eyes that he’s not going to play with the knife.

“You should look on YouTube for fighting methods with that knife,” I advised.

He gravely answered me, “I will,” with a nod of his head.

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