Guns, Games, and… …Misogyny?

My attention was recently brought to one Anita Sarkeesian. Thank you, JB! She’s a YouTube personality, a video gamer, and apparently a vocal feminist. Watch her whole video if you care to, but this link should take you straight to the money line. In case you don’t feel like clicking over, allow me to quote Miss Sarkeesian:

The belief that women are somehow a naturally weaker gender is a deeply engrained, socially constructed myth, which of course is completely false.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHA! I like her. She’s funny. Did you catch that, Jennifer? You have no excuses anymore. That I can do more sit-ups or push-ups than you is not actually a fact, but merely a social construct. You can’t draw my bow? Not so, that’s a myth! And, if I’m carrying more firewood than you? The idea that you can’t carry as much is completely false. In fact, when they’ve had to dumb down the standards for a woman to get into the military, that’s just the patriarchy in action. Granted, I’ve met a few gals that could mop the floor with my happy ass same as I’ve met a few guys that my lovely and girly wife could pound into hamburger meat, but these are the exceptions to the overarching rule that men are naturally stronger than women. Attempting to relabel that fact as a “socially constructed myth” simply does not make it not so.

I don’t want to be too hard on Sarkeesian because between her platitudes and stale talking points she does manage a couple of valid points, and every now and then even teases at even-handedness. However, one could probably make a blogging career tearing apart her screeds line by line. Without doing a full analysis of all her videos, I’ll spitball a summary and call her one of the tragic cases that could be quite the powerful egalitarian if she’d simply drop the stale talking points, buzzwords, and made up BS that’s so popular among modern feminism. Men and women are in fact different and that’s okay. It doesn’t make girls better than boys or boys better than girls. If I thought that women were inferior, I wouldn’t have married one. In fact, women have great power that they derive from sources other than their physical strength. And, I do love me some powerful women!

In the dating world, the shrinking violets never really kept my interest. It sounds mean for me to say that I got bored of them, but facts are facts. One of the big reasons that I was attracted to Jennifer in the first place, and one of the reasons that it’s been working so well for like seventeen years now and I’m still attracted to her is that she’s a powerful woman. Indeed, I’ve been known to say that when the zombies come, I would prefer to be back to back with her over anyone else. In the above linked video, Sarkeesian bitches about the recurring theme of the damsel in distress in video games. Let’s be real though. We men have an inborn desire to save the girl, stemming from eons ago in less civilized times when it was necessary for the survival of the species for the stronger to protect the weaker, and video game designers have been cashing in on that survival drive since there have been video games. Cheap trick? Perhaps. If you dramatized my life into a game, sometimes I’d save Jennifer but other times she’d save me. Most of the time, we’d be working through our challenges together. The thing is, video games aren’t supposed to be realistic. Games play off of fantasy because mundane games would be boring. If you don’t believe me, click that last link and I dare you to enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Guns, Games, and… …Misogyny?

  1. So true Women can’t do the same things as men physically but for a small number. That’s not sociology but a fact of biology. My PT’s were watered down, and I know it. Didn’t mean what I did at one time in my life long ago didn’t require the same effort, but it did NOT have the same outcomes. I mopped the floor with them in the classroom though. But it doesn’t change nature. With flying as well, I wouldn’t have wanted to have a 90 pound female copilot if we lost our hydraulics and reverted to manual mode, either. Statement of fact. I could get the bird on the ground in the simulator when guys smaller than me crashed and burned when that happened. Face it, sometimes you just need the muscle mass.

    But like you, Partner knows that not only could I outthink, outsmart, and outgun a lot of folks, even if I couldn’t I’d die trying to protect him, as he would me. Then I’ll go put on something sexy and fix him a martini and dinner, and grin that the feminists hate me for doing so. (because he often does the dishes so I can go play with the lathe)

  2. Forever I’d dismissed this line of anmegurt as typical feminist bullshit with a healthy sprinkling of liberal male guilt on top. But the tide has turned for me on this.It’s been mentioned, here and elsewhere, that this really isn’t so much a question of PC vs NonPC. This is more fundamentally disturbing than that. When a political group tries to lobby congress to pass laws that restrict the point of view of the other side there is righteous anger. When old men in Congress try and pass legislation that fundamentally misunderstands he internet, we lost our collective minds.But the response to this woman is so rabidly disproportionate, it is amazingly disturbing. And here’s the important part, which has been mentioned as well but not emphasized enough, the vitriol wasn’t coming from Ron Paul supporters or Rush Limbaugh listeners. At least there’s no evidence for that. It’s coming from the gaming community itself. I’m not making the claim that this community is homogeneous, because it surely isn’t. But what it shouldn’t be is so damned hateful. Not hateful in the squishy leftist you disagree with me, stop the hate way. But genuinely fundamentally disturbingly hateful.It’s not a shame. It’s despicable.

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