Thoughts on the weekend

There’s a vicious rumor that we have bones to support our structure and bind our muscles.nbsp; We actually have bones so your pocket knife won’t go clear through your finger when you slip and stab it. The bone in my index finger performed this task quite well on Saturday. I wish my quarry would ever leave a blood trail like I did through the house. This would make life simpler. Surprisingly, the wound is now closed. There’s some bruising, but it looks pretty good.

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts on the weekend

    • You too huh? I’m just glad my bones aren’t allergic to metal, as mine seem to make contact more than they probably ought to.

  1. Another very pointed (har) example on why we should keep our knives sharp. A dull knife rips, not cuts, and is only useful for softened butter or puncturing the vital organs of our enemies. A razor sharp knife cuts clean, heals clean, and is good for everything not mentioned above.

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