Four Little Rules

It is time again for me to harp on the four rules. I think that we as enthusiasts should constantly harp on the four rules.

1. Always treat every gun as if it is always loaded. Never assume that it is not.

2. Never point a gun at anything that you are not willing to destroy – i. e., part of your body, a family member, your cat, Grandma’s antique vase, the counter at the gun shop, etc.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until your target is in your sights and you are ready to shoot.

4. Always identify your target and know what lies beyond it. Bullets don’t magically disappear when you miss or penetrate your target and you must know what they will hit.

When these rules are followed, it is impossible for firearms accidents to occur. I would challenge both of my readers to disprove that statement. I can’t think of another activity in which one can follow so few simple guidelines and completely eliminate the possibility for an accident. Can either of you?

With that, let us all enjoy the safest pastime together, and let us educate those that don’t know any better.

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4 thoughts on “Four Little Rules

  1. The only one I would add comes from my dad

    “Never draw your weapon unless you are willing to fire, never fire unless you are willing to kill.”

    While it does fall under gun use rather than gun safety, it was always spoken with the other gun safety rules.

  2. Instinct, of course you are right. I could extend this thing to the ten commandments and beyond, but I think that the four rules are a great focal point for newbies that we need to stress and stress and stress some more.


  3. Probably comes down to relative attitude. Dad, when he taught us, was always teaching from a combat and survival perspective while you are probably approaching it from a perspective of safety on the firing line.

    So for him, that rule one one of the most important to learn right off, while for you it’s not.

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