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I cannot agree more with the sentiments of Sameh El-Shahat in the sentiment that George W. Bush is the most under-rated president ever.

Whatever happened to leadership and honesty as presidential traits? I happen to believe that the only leader in the West to have these two admirable qualities in droves is the leader of the free world: George W Bush.

Not to mention integrity, self-conviction, and broad shoulders against criticism. This dude is the political Energizer Bunny. It doesn’t matter what awful things the proletariat says about him, he just keeps on doing what he feels like benefits his country the most. If I were him, I would have said “F%$# it!” by now, “You want to see bad legislation, I’ll give you bad legislation!” Or at the very least, get defensive with the media. But no, he just keeps trucking along, quietly taking the abuse of the People he is trying to better. When I skip forward to the comments section, we get the classic popular arguments against GWB, and I see this kind of crap:

He did lie. He did invade a country and kill innoncent civilians for no reason. We are less safe than we were 8 years ago. We have also lost some of our constitutinal rights (which in my mind as a patriotic American, is the worst part of his administration).

I keep hearing this rhetoric over and over again, and it drives me nuts! It shows no critical, objective thought, and insults my intelligence.

1) How did he lie?
I (like many other active self-thinkers) believe that the invasion of Iraq was justified with the intelligence available at the time, and ultimately justified by the impending outcome. Saddam Hussein was the next Hitler or Mussolini. If we had not taken him out when we did, we would have a bigger problem on our hands. Taking him out, we had to set up a government for them or there would just be some other bastard to take his place. Period. The only mistake we make in Iraq was not finishing business the first time around in the Gulf War. The Surge is working, and we are winning this war!

2) Kill innocent civilians – WTF?
Can anyone chronicle this claim or back it up an any way shape or form? Civilians will catch some crossfire with a war in their home land. This war has been remarkably responsible towards protecting civilians considering WWI (~10-Million), WWII (~30-Million), Vietnam (who knows?), etc., etc., etc. Compare that to the Less than 100,000 in the current Iraq war. Keep in mind that this is the TOTAL DEATH COUNT on civilians, and not necessarily the deaths attributed to U. S. troops. So, I don’t want to hear and more about that shit.

3) For no reason?
Really? Please see my answer to number one.

4) Which Constitutional rights?
Be more specific, please. Like the Constitutional rights to free speech, or bearing arms? Last I checked, it was the Left that was trying to suppress those rights with “political correctness” and “gun control”.

It just makes me so mad I could spit! People, please. I’m pleading with all the libs and their “Bush is baaaaaaad” sheep routine. Please, people, use your minds. Be open minded and make your own decisions about things with objective data. Please don’t make up your mind with what the T. V. or other liberals tell you. It’s time to make your own decisions, and quit spouting the rhetoric.

Thanks for reading my $.02. Bring on the flames.


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One thought on “W – The President

  1. What really makes it sad; the truth is not that hard to find, yet I know people who work with it daily, and rather than open their eyes, they let their party-line hatred rule their mind (I cannot abide this on either side of the aisle).

    It makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes, knowing the truth firsthand and then watching the agendized (yeah, I made that one up) media and political pundits mislead the flock that is willing to be misled.

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