The Beginning of Summer

Just a quick update here…

The last day of school was Friday. We’re planning some really fun stuff for the three of us to do, as well as the kiddo getting some time in with the grandparents on both sides. In the Fall, fifth grade starts! OMG! I’m not old enough to be the dad of a fifth grader! But, I digress. We’re still gathering our gear for Appleseed, but we won’t be ready in time for any of the events that we wanted to go to this Summer. We’re still a few hundred dollars worth of gear away from having our stuff together, and we would simply be spreading ourselves too thin to go ahead and push for that. I have mixed feelings about all of that, actually. Frankly, I feel like I’ll get a lot more out of it after the weather has cooled down a little bit. In the meantime, it looks like vacation is on its way. It has been nearly a year since our last trip, and I’ve got cabin fever! Like last year, it looks like we are going to be driving down to the third coast. I’ll give updates soon, and I promise to find something a little less banal to blog about soon as well.

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