The School Shooting That Didn’t Happen Today

This morning, there was a bit of a scare at Oklahoma University in Norman, OK. Someone called the police to report shots being fired. The campus cops responded. Norman Police responded. The SWAT team came out. They couldn’t find any victims of the shooting. There was no suspect. Indeed, there was no evidence that a shooting had occurred. Last I heard, they are calling the whole thing a false alarm. OU President David Boren commented about guns on campus after the fact.

In his political blood dancing where no blood had even been spilled, he expressed his “only ones” opinion. Lovely. It shouldn’t be a shock that an education administrator holds such a stance. It only surprises me because he’s an Oklahoma edu admin. The typical radically left-leaning Oklahoma native is usually disgustingly conservative and pro-gun by coastal standards. Despite the overwhelming evidence of us commoners, with a full range of training and life experience successfully using guns for self defense, and despite the fact that accidental shootings are exponentially more likely to be perpetrated by uniformed police officers, the antis keep on rolling out the tired old talking points about the “only ones” with the training to be sufficiently competent with deadly weapons.

I have deep, personal respect for law enforcement officers. I have personal friends who are and who have been police officers. Those men and women are paid to do a tough job that most of the rest of us would never do. Even though I will not likely ever go full time, I’ve often thought of signing up as a reservist in a local department. Truly the police are to be respected, but to set them aside as some elite class is factually and morally wrong. It goes against the grain of liberty as well. And, to tell us that the police have more magical powers to (or perhaps that we mere mortals are too stupid to) apply the four rules is nothing short of insulting.


Your attitude disgusts me, Mr. Boren.

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3 thoughts on “The School Shooting That Didn’t Happen Today

  1. Heh. You should link to that article about the police chief who was giving a training/demonstration, and shot himself holstering his sidearm. This, in and of itself, is not, unfortunately, newsworthy….the fact that its the SECOND time in his career that he’s done this (and he’s the chief of police, mind you) is. Like you, I’ve known cops, and they’re usually great folks, but their training is funded and approved by the .gov. I also know civilians who have a LOT more range-time and class-time than most cops do.

    • Heh. Exactly. What we have to remember is that a good range session is a lot of fun to you or me, but to them it’s all part of the job. Of course we more practice!

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