Post-Memorial Day

My wife described our Memorial Day camping trip twice. A great time was had by all within the confines of living in a fallen world. It rained on us on Sunday, and the rest of our stay was quite damp and humid, even after the sky cleared up. I didn’t drink enough water on Sunday, and woke up Monday dehydrated and hung-over, even though I didn’t drink much the previous night. Shame on me! A water, a coffee, and two additional hours of sleep later, I felt great.

Once we got home, we had wet tents and wet guns to contend with. Several of the blued guns have been kept so oiled that the moisture was not an issue. Several others needed some very light rust scrubbed off of them. The rust just about made me sick, but it cleaned off easily and left no evidence of its attack. We have dried and re-folded the tarps and most of the tent components. Jenni cleaned and oiled both shotguns, I took care of my revolvers and a couple of our rifles, and we still have tent pieces, a rifle, and two more revolvers to clean up after our adventure. With two full-time jobs and other commitments to contend with, it’s been a slow process getting back to the real world.

Last night, I helped the kiddo strip, clean, and oil his 10/22. As he scrubbed the barrel and the receiver, he chatted with me.

Kid – “Dad, I like my gun.”

Me – “I’m glad you like it. I like your gun too. That’s why I bought one like it for Mom and me to shoot.”

Kid – “I’m glad I got to shoot it this weekend.”

Me – “Me too. That was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?”

Kid – “Yeah.”

Me – “And, you always remember your safety rules. I’m really proud that you handle a gun so responsibly!”

Kid – “Thanks, Dad. And, Dad? I kind of like cleaning my gun.”

Me – “It’s a relaxing activity, isn’t it? It’s not something that you would want to have to do twice a day for the rest of your life, but it’s quite enjoyable from time to time.”

Kid – “Yeah. I like cleaning my gun with you.”

Me – “Cleaning guns is a pretty good father and son activity, isn’t it?”

Kid – “Yeah. And, sometimes with Mom too.”

This all took place while Jenni was gone to choir practice. I couldn’t help but laugh at our son. He’s a good kid. Sometimes, his ten-year-old-ness drives me nuts, but he’s very responsible and well-behaved, especially for his age!

Lessons learned this weekend:

1. No matter how badly I want to go camping, if there is the slightest forecast of rain, it will cause a lot of subsequent work.

2. After working all day in the heat without stopping for a water break, don’t go straight to relaxing with a glass of booze. Bad things shall ensue!

3. I need a S&W 629. If I ever have to scrub rust off of my beloved Lust’s trigger again, I’m going to puke!

4. A heavily-oiled gun will resist corrosion where a lightly-oiled gun will speckle with a cinnamon dusting in intense humidity. Although the heavily-oiled gun will attract more dust, this might be a reasonable trade off, depending on the piece.

5. It appears that billiard balls make fine, reusable, reactive targets! It’s fun to watch them fly when hit, and even some of the mightier handgun cartridges won’t damage them much beyond aesthetics.

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2 thoughts on “Post-Memorial Day

  1. ONinNY,

    I’m so totally going to have to get some stainless guns. Blue guns are just so pretty, they are great for the indoor range, for civilized carrying, and for looking good. But, stainless guns take the weather so much more gracefully! I’m going to have to get a stainless .44 Magnum or bigger. Once I get flush on all the other crap I’ve got going on, I’m going to sock away a little money and go shopping.

    I want to find a good, used gun in the <$500.00 range. I'd like to find a S&W M629 with a 4- to 6-inch barrel (partial under-lug), or possibly a stainless Dan Wesson. If I fall on the right deal, I'd love to get a .460 or .500 Magnum with a sub-6-inch tube for that price, but I'm not holding my breath on that. If I could find a Ruger Redhawk or Super Redhawk in .44 Magnum or .454 Casull for less than $350.00, I'd just have to take it home. Some of my guns don't bother me so much if I have to scrub off a little surface rust from time to time. Not that .44 Magnum, though. That just makes me sick! Plus, I will not put it in a holster. It wouldn't hurt my feelings too much to retire that one to nearly a safe queen. I'd still bring her out from time to time to blow up fruit or whatever, but I'm looking forward to finding a suitable beater to replace her. --Michael

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