Jumping Spider

This one is for you, Rabid Alien.


I found this guy on the front porch this afternoon.


When I went in for the macros, he got a little camera shy.


I’ve never known these creatures to be any kind of shy, but I might not appreciate a giant orange rectangle shoved in my face either.


Once he felt like he was safe, he did turn around to observe, and I was able to photograph his face.


The focus could have been better on that last one, but you can at least see his green jaws. It is probably about time to start thinking about a camera with more capabilities.

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4 thoughts on “Jumping Spider

  1. Heh! Nice! Yep, first order of business is to get a safe(ish) distance from the gigantic orange rectangle. Then and only then do you turn around and stare at it with all of your eyeballs.

      • Hmmmm…methinks you’d have to move pretty darn quick to follow one of those bad boys when they leap. I’m not even sure they actually *jump* so much as they rip open the fabric of space/time with those gnarfy mandibles, and simply *reappear* elsewhere. Spiderman dreams he were bit by one of these little guys.

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