KTKC Day 24 – Goofing, Good Company, and Bad Jokes

There were two clouds high in the sky, just floating there and watching a more boisterous cloud lower in the sky. They watched it float this way and that, dart around, roll, and change shape.
Finally the one cloud said to the other, “He sure is nimbus, isn’t he?”
The other cloud groaned at the terrible pun and said, “Dude, are you cirrus?”

Yeah. I made that one up. Thank you. I’ll be here all week. So anyway, we made it out to the farm again on Saturday. Here is a game camera pic of the three of us with Mz. VRWC, who dropped in on us from out of town:

Photos By Trail Camera

And, Jennifer managed to catch me goofing off in front of her camera. If you can imagine that.

Kilt Vogue

Dance, dance, fashion, baby. Work it, move that thing, crazy. But, not all the kilted pics are of me goofing off.

Photos By Trail Camera

Alright, that one is actually from last week. And, maybe I was goofing off for most of this weeks pics.

Kilt Muscles

And just for funz, here’s an almost nightmarish game camera pic of Jennifer apparently getting ready for her impending machete massacre.

Photos By Trail Camera

There are reasons I want her at my back for the zombie apocalypse. So, we’re now well into the final week of KTKC 2013, and the donation totals are honestly looking pretty sad right now. Before I go any further, I want to send out a *huge* thanks to the few of you who have made donations to date. To the rest of you, come on, don’t make me call you bitches! You can’t let me finish this deal in seventh place! The KTKC crew is cumulatively not doing as well as we had hoped, but my recorded total is under $300 right now. Please don’t let it end like this. Hit the link and give to the cause as you can. I know that I originally set the donation goal unrealistically high, and I didn’t really expect to drag in totals like that, but I absolutely expected to top last year’s total of $2,263, at the very least. But, we’re not done yet. As long as you get your donations in by Monday, we can still do this. Again, here’s the link. Let’s kick cancer together!

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7 thoughts on “KTKC Day 24 – Goofing, Good Company, and Bad Jokes

  1. There’s no way to predict the ebb and flow of these donations.

    I’d been trying to score a meager $500 for the first two years, barely broke $100 the first year then $250 last year.

    This year I got $750 and I have no idea why because I’m not doing anything different really.

  2. I only recently went above my total from 2011. I’ve got some seriously kick-ass prizes this year, and I fully expected to beat last year’s total. As it stands I’ll be lucky to make half what I did last year.

    Maybe the kilts have run their course. Liederhosen next year!

    • Like you, if I make half of what I did last year, I’ll be pretty happy at this point. However, my current ranking doesn’t bear out the hypothesis that this is a communal problem. As to your prizes, we may have to have a chat about all that nonsense. 😉

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