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Here at the Evyl Robot Empyre, we don’t get TV. When the broadcasters all went digital, we never got a box. I discovered that out TV tuner on the HTPC wasn’t compatible with Windows 7 about six months after I installed Windows 7, so then we cancelled the cable. When we watch TV at other people’s homes, I’m always entertained by seeing new commercials. So, if you’ve seen this one before, please forgive my ignorance.

Teen Bot and I were enjoying our lunch today and catching some Slow Mo Guys on YouTube. Before our selected video began, we were drawn in by the first few seconds of the following commercial and had to watch the whole thing. It really is worth it:

Our friend Phlegmmy reviewed the sister product, Trap-a-crap on her blog. I had previously heard of Poo Pourri and Trap-a-Crap from The Worst Things for Sale. The author there poo-poos the product, which shows that he’s never tried it.

All kidding aside, this is some top-notch advertising. The big name advertisers on YouTube show a 30-second or so commercial to a captive audience prior to the desired video whereas the smaller advertisers allow you to skip the ad after five seconds. Many advertisers don’t get it and their ads are not interesting enough to watch beyond the required time. The clever ones carefully use that five seconds to really grab your attention so they can show you a full two minute commercial. If a marketing department comes up with a production that’s worth two minutes of my attention, the least I can do is watch it. If their production convinces me to buy the product, the free market wins.

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7 thoughts on “A Great Commercial

  1. Video locked up near the end (she’s s[h]itting in the cowfield about to tell about the money-back guarantee), but my one overwhelming thought throughout the whole thing is…..how in the HECK is she gonna spin that on her resume?!? Work experience: I was the poopy girl!

  2. My eyes are watering… from laughing, not from the stench of the creamy behemoth from her cavernous bowels.

    I fear I may never grow up.

    • I had the same reaction. My parents and brother were not as impressed. Seriously guys? That’s funny stuff right there!

  3. Truly, it shines on so many levels:
    – the juxtaposition of the sophisticated dress & accent with the earthy subject matter,
    – the descriptive, colorful, and imaginative synonyms,
    – the fact that it’s a real advertisement for a real product in which the advertisers have chosen a risky approach…

    They say that when you analyze humor, it becomes less funny. Normally, that’s true, but in an instance of such superlative genius, it only … fertilizes… my appreciation, the more levels I’m … privy… to. Ahem.

    As an added benefit, it consistently shows up on sidebars for google ads.

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