Oh, just so you know…

I received this in the mail yesterday:


This is a document authorizing me to go and pick up my concealed handgun license at the county jail at my leisure. So, soon I will be toting this legally:


My license is my endorsement from The State declaring that I am as competent to carry a weapon of deadly force as even the boys in blue. It states that I am a fine, upstanding citizen, and that I am trustworthy enough to have deadly force at my discretion. I have taken my safety class, undergone background checks at the county, state, and federal levels (up to and including a full FBI background check), and proven proficiency with my handgun. That’s right, boys and girls. I am practically a superhero. Maybe I should conceal my handgun behind a cape.

…or maybe not.

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6 thoughts on “Oh, just so you know…

  1. God I hate both of you now. :(


  2. I forgive you, Instinct! I was under the impression that you can get one in San Fran – just as long as they feel like you are important enough to need it. I guess they are scared of some crazed, bible-thumping conservative shooting all the queers and hippies…

    That just goes to show how little they know about us. That’s Kalifornia for you – the granola state.

  3. Oh, you can get one, but only if the Sheriff approves it and they will only do that once you can prove – via police report- that you have already been attacked and are afraid that it will happen again.

    Oh, and that the attack was life threatening and that, essentially, the perp is still out there.

    Or, they will give you one if you are Sly Stalone and you preach about how bad guns are.

  4. That’s the way I understood it to be. Good ol’ Sly – he’s the silly-putty-faced bastard of the silver screen. Of course HE needs a concealed handgun!

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