Siamese Rose

One of our rose bushes produced a most unique rose this week. Jenni spotted this one early in the week when it was just buds. I trimmed it off today and put it in a vase. When you see this pic, it looks like two roses in the vase:


But, here’s a close-up of the shared stem:


This flower (these flowers?) is (are?) one of the more bizarre and yet gorgeous things I’ve seen in person.



When Jen and I were in a time of life that we were broke broke broke, I bought her an antique, blown, Japanese bud vase for some kind of holiday present with some money that I had squirreled away over a period of time. It wasn’t expensive at the time, but it may as well have been for what we were bringing home. For whatever reason, that vase seemed appropriate for this trimming.


Like a midget stripper, it’s nearly impossible to look away from this abomination. I think Jen is going to take it to work tomorrow, but I had to get some pics of it before that.


UPDATE! *cheesy telegraph beeping sound*

I sent the pics to TLC with a WTF?, and this is what they returned to me:

Normal for a first bloom. That sometimes happens when we have late frost. It should correct itself. You may want to use Bayer All in One to control the Black leaf spot. Thanks, Linda and Pat the rose man

Thank you, Linda and Pat the rose man.

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3 thoughts on “Siamese Rose

  1. That is a rarity, I believe. Take the pictures to your local florist or garden center and find out just how rare they are. I’m curious myself.

  2. ONinNY, I just shot the pics with a link to this blog entry to the local garden store. We shall see what they have to say about it. Thanks for the great recommendation!


  3. “Like a midget stripper, it’s nearly impossible to look away from this abomination”


    You had one of the greatest romantic blog entries of all time going until you said that.

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