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A little over five years ago, I received my Concealed Weapon License. Oklahoma allows application for renewal within 90-days of expiration, and gives a 30-day “grace period” after the license is expired that a holder may still legally carry a handgun. In November, Open Carry went into effect in Oklahoma and all standing Concealed Weapon Licenses by default became Handgun Licenses. People are applying for Handgun Licenses in ever increasing numbers, and the people at the OSBI have had their hands full. Jennifer and I were able to send in our renewal applications on May 9, 2013 as I mentioned here. Not as early as we would have liked, but still earlier than the notifications the OSBI mailed us, letting us know that our permits were about to expire in 30-days. On July 13, I emailed OSBI to ask about current status, as my grace period had just ended. They promptly responded back and explained that they were waiting on background checks from the local and county constabularies, and that I should expect to hear something within 15-20 business days. On July 19, Jennifer’s new Handgun License was delivered in the mail, with an issued date of July 17. Today, after 76 days of waiting, my Handgun License arrived in the mail with an issued date of July 18. I must compliment the system as they did not take the full 90-days allotted them. I did spend a little over a week a few pounds lighter in public, but no one was injured. It just felt silly being the holster maker without a valid Handgun License. Of course, it also feels silly to have to jump through so many hoops to legally practice a constitutionally guaranteed, God-given right.

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  1. Are the folks who represent you in the state legislature pretty pro-gun? If so, you might want to let their offices know how long it took and suggest that if these kinds of delays continue due to surges in interest, they may want to look at doing away with the 90-day limit to renew or give a longer grace period.

    I know that doesn’t solve the overall issue caused by any processing time for licenses, but it could start the conversation toward reforming the process to simply better serve gun owners.

    • From what I can tell, the vast majority of our state-level legislators are neutral to pro-gun with very few antis. On the OSBI website, they actually specify that the initial background check may take up to 14 days with an additional 90 to process the application. They actually instruct to inquire if it has been over 114 days. It might not be a bad idea to write some letters and make some phone calls, but this is not at all a secret. I suspect that we’re going to see Constitutional carry before my current five-year permit expires. I will likely still maintain a permit at that point for out of state reciprocity if for no other reason. Also, it seems that the vast majority of LEOs here have great respect for the permit. They recognize it as the State-backed guarantee that they are dealing with a law-abiding, upstanding citizen and not some scoundrel, just as they should.

  2. Good to hear! I’ve had to disarm a couple of times for work-related field-calls (I’m going to drop off some flyers at two schools here in a minute, in fact), and it just feels weird to not have that comfortable weight at 4 o’clock. Makes the Gerber multitool and 12-bajillion megawatt flashlight (LED, of course) at the 9 o’clock position leave me overbalanced.

    • When I was running around town without my pistol and magazines, I found that my belt is actually too big when I’m not wearing the extras.

  3. It was getting somewhat backed-up before; when open-carry took effect a LOT of people went for their license, and it was- still is from what I understand- more than they were set up to handle.
    Plus, they said they’re using some kind of new system to send and receive the background checks with local agencies, and it has some problems. Which is delaying a lot of them even more.

    I just got mine, on the last day of my grace period. That makes it almost 110 days from the time I put my renewal in.

    • I know my brother and sister-in-law are not too long behind us. I have advised them to get their renewal applications in on the 90-day mark.

  4. It’s a good thing that Oklahoma allows open carry. With that being said states need to recognize that there is an increasing demand for conceal carry permits and they need to hire a few more clerks to help handle the increased load of applications. Citizens shouldn’t have to wait 3 full months to practice their constitutional right to self protection. Thanks for the post.

    • Agreed. Oklahoma is one of the better states on these regulations, IMHO. I also believe that OC was one baby step toward Constitutional Carry, which I blindly predict will happen within the next five years.

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