Zimmmerman Trial, What if?

What if George Zimmerman was a black man and Treyvon Martin was a white boy? What if when confronted, the teen had rushed at the armed adult menacingly? Let’s go back to 2009, to the trial of Roderick Scott, a 42-year-old black man who was legally carrying a handgun for self defense. Scott observed some teenage boys in his neighborhood who appeared to be breaking into cars parked on the street. He profiled them as criminals and confronted them, waiting on police response. Chris Cervini, a 17-year-old white teen rushed at him and screamed threateningly. Fearing for his life, Scott shot and killed Cervini. Scott was found not guilty of manslaughter of the boy on the grounds of self defense.

*Edited to add – I don’t know if the embedded video worked or not. Link is here.

This case was eerily similar to the Zimmerman case, and yet it didn’t blow up the national news. There were no riots. The President didn’t make a statement about it. The United States Attorney General didn’t get involved. The DOJ didn’t stage protests. There was no public outcry. People didn’t make threats to run out and kill black people as a response. Personally, I had not even heard of the case until recently, and I suspect I’m far from alone there. So, what if Zimmerman had been a black man and Martin had been a white teen? It would have never been a major issue, even taking place in New York where they have no Stand Your Ground law, unlike Florida.

The Zimmerman case was only racially charged by the reaction of others. The shooting itself had nothing to do with race. But, the crooked, sensationalist media inventing the laughable new term “White Hispanic“, NBC editing the 911 tape to make Zimmerman sound like a racist, even The Post Turtle himself claiming that had he a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin; it was all a calculated attempt to turn this into a racially dividing case. The media and high officials in government decided Zimmerman’s guilt long before his trial. It’s disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is all the soft-skulled lambs that have jumped on the bandwagon of the race baiters. Zimmerman will never lead a normal life now. I comfortably predict that this was merely his first self-defense shooting, only because there will nearly certainly be revenge attempts on his life in the future. When he is eventually murdered, the blood will be on the hands of the race baiters.

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6 thoughts on “Zimmmerman Trial, What if?

      • No prob. I knew the media had skewed stuff, but not how badly (ie, the doctored 911 tapes, and Mrs. Martin trademarking her son’s name a week or so after the incident….oh, yeah, such love and emotional heartache there). Can’t wait for subsequent installments from Mr. Ayoob!

        • Also take a look at the series on Legal Insurrection Mr. Ayoob refers to in the first installment. Andrew Branca pretty much live tweeted the trial and posted bi-daily updates.

          It’s scary how twisted the whole mindset got, though. The idea that simply following at a distance warrants a beating that can easily cause death (Have seen serious injury from less energy) and that defending oneself is then murder…I thought I was cynical before.

          I could write more, but it just gets blood boiling.

  1. You know, I asked someone that exact question “would the not-guilty verdict still be considered racist towards the “child victim” if the shooter was black and the “child” white?”

    They spluttered at me and couldn’t come up with a coherent answer before unfriending me on Facebook…..

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