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As I’m sure both of you recall, I ran a poll on my blog asking for opinions on what I should do for a rimfire rifle. That landed me one vote for a dedicated upper receiver for an AR15, and six votes for a Ruger 10/22. In the process of writing that post, I had pretty well talked myself into the Ruger anyway. Then, I’m sure you recall me talking about shopping for a used one last weekend. As it turns out, used 10/22’s are really scarce in my neighborhood recently, and sellers want as much as you can get a new one for. So, I decided to get a new one, and here she is:


A sling, a set of sights, and another magazine or two is all it will take to make this into an Appleseed gun *insert snare cadence*. I have to be honest that this gun is not nearly as nice as the old one that we bought for our son’s birthday. I don’t usually put much stock (as it were) into the phrase, “they don’t make them like they used to,” but it really holds some ground in this case. The overall design of the gun is the same, but the barrel band is plastic instead of steel, the wood the stock is made of is a lower grade than the older sibling, and the general fit and finish of this new gun leaves something to be desired as compared to the boy’s old gun. Even so, it’s everything that I wanted it to be for its place in the family. That other stuff can be fixed, after all.

So, at this point, we have the following three guns for our use this Summer:

Winchester 69A Match with one magazine and a military-style sling. We will still need a handful of magazines for this baby. I’m thinking that four or five more would not be at all unreasonable.

Two Ruger 10/22’s – one with a webbing sling, and six magazines between the two of them – five Ruger, 10-shot, rotary magazines and one worn-out, 25-shot Butler Creek. We’ll need to get Tech Sights for both guns and sling swivels and a sling for the new one. I’d also like to get at least one more 10-shot magazine, and a couple of the steel-lipped Butler Creeks before we get to that point.

I feel a lot closer to the goal now than I did yesterday. We haven’t gotten to shoot her yet, but we will by the end of Memorial weekend. Range report to follow.

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2 thoughts on “New X/Dubba-Deuce

  1. Oh, where we like to shoot is about 25-miles from here.

    J/K! Oh, I slay me!

    I figure we’ll stay within the 50 to 100-yard range.


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