A Rossi? Really?

I have not been a fan of any of the products of the Taurus group in the past. Sorry, Gabe. I’m not hating. You’re gun is still cool. I have a dear friend who purchased a model 10 from a local pawn shop. It’s from the Bangor Punta era that we Smith fans are supposed to sneer at, but it is still a pretty sweet gun. Well… I have pined for a decent revolving carbine chambered in .357 Magnum. Or even better, .44 Magnum. And then…


What? What do we have here?


Umm… This appears to be a revolving carbine in .44 Magnum. In a bright blue. With walnut furniture.


Yeah. We may just have to get one of these babies.

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14 thoughts on “A Rossi? Really?

    • I wouldn’t personally risk it. If I do wind up with one of these, I’ll likely limit its use mostly to lighter handloads. That’s not to say that I won’t put a few Magnums through it; it will just likely see a whole lot more hardcast lead loaded to about 1100-fps.

    • I know! I had an irrational attraction to revolving carbines before I had ever handled one. When I got to play with Phlegmmy’s .45/.410, that whetted my appetite. Since they’re now offering the .44 Mag, that may just seal the deal. I have not made a rifle scabbard, but that may just have to change.

  1. I didn’t take any offense at all, actually I appreciated a shout out on the site. Hope you guys are having fun at the convention.

    • 😀 The convention was a blast. I doubt you guys will be at church tonight, but we’ll be there for choir. I guess we’ll look for you on Sunday.

    • Indeed. Jenni and I have been going over the Taurus and Rossi catalogs quite a bit in the last few days.

  2. Dunno why, but those revolver-rifles have always just looked really really cool to me. I’ll have to pick one up some day…AR15 is first on the list, though.

    • Definitely get the AR first if it’s a question! A revolving carbine is neat, but not nearly as versatile as an M4. If you like both but can only get one ever, a lever-action is probably a good compromise. It will do a lot of the same stuff that a simple AR will do, but it has the nostalgic cool factor of the revolver.

      • Agreed. Like a BAR or FG42 (or original StG44!!!), its on my OHHOLYCRAPIWONTHELOTTERYMUSTSPENDMONEYNOW list. The rational part of my braincell, though, holds an entirely different list.

  3. Hey there sir, sorry to drop in on your comments, just figured I’d ask whether there were any updates on that leather project?


  4. Something to remember, Taurus makes the Raging Bull which is one of the few 44 mag revolvers that is included in the hot section of the reloading manual (the section that used to be labeled “Ruger Only”)

    So if they borrowed that setup, I think it will shoot anything you could put through your blackhawks.

    Personally the little 1892 lever guns they have really appeal to me I REALLY want the 44 magnum one in stainless 16″ barrel as a light little deer slayer… But who knows when i will nab one, they seem to be rare as hens teeth right now.

    The one thing Taurus has always done is make things the other manufacturers wont for one reason or another. One toy I have from them is a 44 tracker, 4″barrel 5 shot 44 magnum, weighs in at 34oz. its a real handful, but when hiking in bear country, its a really nice thing to have with you…

    • It’s the single lockup, so it doesn’t appear to be built on the “raging” frame.

      Lever guns are extremely cool. I really wouldn’t mind having some of each in the stable.

      The 44 Tracker is an interesting package, for sure. That’s a full 14oz lighter than my 6.5-in 29!

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