Wooden AR?

In third-world countries, when the people cannot buy guns, they make their own. How many no-name Soviet AK’s are running around, anyway? In this country, when our right to buy and own guns is taken away, will we resort to this?

(H/T to 230 Grain as featured here.)

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4 thoughts on “Wooden AR?

  1. ONinNY, why do you think it was such a short post? The forums that I’ve linked in this entry are actually pretty cool. There are lots of neat projects that people are doing!

  2. Keep reading. Apparently, when he scrapped the pine receiver and went to HDPE, he got it running surprisingly well! Apparently, the plastic expands and contracts to the point that the gun won’t cycle correctly when it is too cold, but it’s really not bad considering what it is!

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