Out of Season Deer

They are beautiful creatures. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how stupid they are.


Although I wish I had some venison in the freezer, it’s nice to see them healthy and prevalent on the property. I already have my first archery tag ready for October. Maybe it will be a better season for me then the last one.

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10 thoughts on “Out of Season Deer

  1. What a beautiful piece of property. I missed this last deer season, caring for Dad, and the year prior, it poured buckets on the only days I had land to hunt.

    Dad comes first, but I will look forward to another hunt.

  2. Don’t forget: those deer are on the Wildlife Department email list. They get notice the day that deer season begins, and though you may see them the night before, starting the next morning they’ll be nowhere to be found until the season is over.

    • Like the doe that laid down and defiantly stared at me, out of shooting range, to wait out the last few minutes of the season? Yeah, they’re punks.

      • Good stuff, I replaced an old and worn Browning Hyper-Cam last year for my current Bear (i want to say attack, maybe strike.. either way a mid range model)

        The new bear is a lot smoother and quieter than the old browning, both do what you ask of them though as long as you do your part :-)

        • Thanks!

          I didn’t know a thing about compound bows when I picked up the Assassin, so I relied heavily on the advice of more experienced friends. I’m still quite happy with it. The shop near my house tried to sell me a carbon fiber Hoyt that was comfortably into the four-digit price tag range. That was one of many strikes that ultimately led me to not want to patronize their establishment any longer. But, that’s a rant for another time.

          I’m glad the Bear is working well for you. Have you taken anything with it yet?

          • Nabbed a large button buck mid October on an antler-less tag, passed on another doe later in the season (about 17 yard shot but not totally clear), and spooked a reasonable buck when the wind swirled on me and sent him and his dates running :-)

            The one I got was shot at about 33 yards, There was a doe in front and him and he was in the back. The doe was who I wanted, as she was larger, but she didn’t present a clear shot. As it was the shot was so quiet she nearly came back in bow range to see what had happened. Arrow basically took the carotid artery off the heart. He ran about 30 yards then crashed. He dressed out about 110lbs, for about 45lbs of meat in the freezer all said and done.

            I now have a much better understanding of the food sources where I hunt, when the deer are going after a given source, where they are bedding, and where they are moving than I did early last year.

            Looking forward to two or three of them in the freezer this year, as it was we pretty much ran out of deer late December/early January.

            I also have to share with my father as payment for teaching me all this, so he got about 1/3rd of the one I did get this year.

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