The Moral Line in the Sand

I just read this. Go ahead and read it, as it is short and sweet. The thing that this issue says to me is that there are no boundaries. I could compare homosexuality and the toleration of it to pedophilia. What if someone made a stand for illustrated child pornography? It doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? There were no victims if there were no models for the artwork. But, the argument against it is that it hurts society as a whole. It is a perversion, pure and simple, and is not socially-acceptable enough to deny as a perversion – unlike homosexuality, or promiscuity for that matter! I would like to see more people break it down like I have done above to really put the perspective on where we as a society have drawn the lines, versus where they should be. The inconsistencies will bely the social boundaries through such arguments. I have more thoughts on this that I will have to get into later.

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