That’s Got to Be Bad Luck

Last year sometime, I received an email invitation to a beer tasting at the gun range closest to our house.

You read that right. The indoor climate-controlled gun range that is within stumbling distance of my home had several breweries come out, set up booths, and serve beer on the premises. But, don’t worry – they had the drinking section separated from the shooting section and they weren’t letting anyone shoot who had been drinking. They had taken names to draw for door prizes, and I had tasted Coop Ale Works‘ entire flight at least twice when they called my name. If you like beer, and you ever come through Oklahoma City, I highly recommend stopping in to give these guys a whirl, as they know their craft well, and brew some tasty refreshments. So, as they had just called my name, I went to retrieve my door prize. They handed me a handsome pint glass with the Coop logo silkscreened on one side and a list of their beers on the other. There was a matching, black t-shirt rolled up and stuffed in the glass. Oddly, I’ve wound up with quite a few beer t-shirts in circumstances not unlike this one. I did what any good beer fan would have in my circumstance, and took my glass to the Coop rep serving DNR, and showed him that my prize glass was defective.

“Because it’s empty?” he clarified. Ah! We have a quick one here, “I’m not filling that for you. You don’t want a full pint of DNR right now.” Oh well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. A good time was had by all, the alcohol may have influenced me to spend some money on Magpul accessories. I have no idea where the t-shirt wound up, but the glass took up residence on my kitchen counter and has been my go-to glass since then. Anytime I need a glass of filtered water, that’s the glass I grab. What if I want a glass of Hanson Key Lime soda? Coop glass, that’s what. I have had to make an actual effort to remember to cycle this thing through the dishwasher from time to time, as I’ve been in the habit of simply rinsing it and setting it by the espresso machine until I used it next. Until today, that is.

When Teen Bot and I were done with our Red Baron pizza, I walked into the dark kitchen and reached toward the sink to rinse my plate. The cuff on my O.G. caught on the lip of my Coop glass and it fell to its death upon the tile floor. It was almost like it fell in slow motion, with me reaching after it crying, “NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” But, it was too late.

As I swept up its remains, it called out to me, “Why? Why didn’t you save me? We had so many good times together!” And, I gave it a burial in File Thirteen in a coffin made from the Red Barron pizza box with the end folded shut. So, now I need a new go to cup. I was thinking maybe something like this:

skull goblet

Or this:

Battlestar Galactica

Or even this:

Rainbow Dash

Then again, something like this wouldn’t break if I dropped it:

Battle Mug

I put those on my Amazon wish list anyway. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will gift me one.

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11 thoughts on “That’s Got to Be Bad Luck

    • Funny you should mention coffee cups. My current stand-in is a Chimay coffee cup that a dear friend sent to me from Belgium several years ago. I will miss my Coop glass, but I’d be heartbroken if it was my Chimay mug!

    • LOL! That would probably be acceptable. I may actually slap my logo on another pint tumbler on Zazzle or Cafe Press and call it a day. I actually feel stupidly at a loss about this glass.

  1. I was just hunting around to see if I could find one to show you.

    I have a thermos brand insulated beer glass. Its a thermos double wall vaccum bottle that sleaves onto a thin glass that they sold a few years back.

    I scored one in a woot bag of crap at one point, and have always loved it. Greatest way to enjoy a frosty beer on a boiling hot summers day. No matter how long you hold it, its still a good temp when you get to the bottom.

    • That sounds pretty BA. Of course, it also sounds rather fragile. I know I could break a lot of ceramic and glass for what the Battle Mug costs, but dang is it cool!

  2. Funny, I stayed with you all the way on this. Very emotional. I am highly sympathetic. I’ve done a few rescues with Super-glue and J-B Weld, too. Thanks for the laughs

    • I’m sure whatever the next vessel winds up will be awesome. I’m glad you enjoyed the write up. From someone who writes professionally, I take it as a great compliment.

  3. you know, we have a couple of awesome breweries in Baltimore. could send a Heavy Seas glass your way.

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