Blogging Blues, Thoughts and Updates

Last week, I found a transcription of Dorner’s manifesto and I started writing a blog entry around it. I made it probably half-way through and my brain pretty well turned into jelly. That dude was loony tunes and his opinions were all over the place. I was at around 12,000-words when I decided that enough is enough.

My sister-in-law has been invited to shoot in some kind of private handgun match. She was permitted to shoot .22, so she’s pretty stoked about it. She’s going to borrow a 22/45 from us, with a race holster that I threw together for it. Should be lots of fun!

I hope you all read the intro to my new fiction piece that I will serialize here. I have quite a bit of it written up already (12,000+ words), and expect to schedule it out before too terribly long, once I have the obvious flaws ironed out of it. So far, it threatens to be an actual, novel-length feature upon completion. I don’t know that it’s necessarily good enough to seek official publication, but it’s worth the cost you’ll pay to read it here, anyway! I didn’t know what to name the two protagonists, but have pretty well settled on “Reid & Naomi” based on results of an online random name generator.

Holster orders are pretty healthy right now. I wish there was more than one of me, because I’m starting to get further behind. If this keeps up, I may stop accepting orders for a while. I don’t know yet.

Central Oklahoma Gunblogger Schutenfest 2013 is just around the corner now, and we have lined up a bagpiper. We’ll probably blow up a few holsters and I’ve got some Lucky Gunner ammo to do a review on. I might just do that at the same time. I’m so excited!

So anyway, that just about sums it up for now.

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7 thoughts on “Blogging Blues, Thoughts and Updates

    • I was afraid of that. You will be missed. Maybe you’ll make it next year. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again sometime before too long.

  1. E.R.,

    Glad to hear business is strong and steady. Hopefully some time soon I’ll be starting discussions about a holster or two- need to get something for a Sig SP2022 and a Ruger GP100.

    I hope the Schutenfest goes well and wanted to invite you and Jennifer down to the Dallas Area Blogshoot III. We will be having it over Memorial Day weekend on Sunday the 26th of May.

    • I’ll be looking forward to working with you on your holster needs.

      If it goes as well as it did last year, I’ll be pleased. We have wanted to make it out to your DAB for the last couple of years. This year is looking a lot better for us, and we’re planning to be there, hell or high water.

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