Zack says:

A well tuned diesel burning recycled deep-fryer oil has exhaust that smells like popcorn.

There ya go! #300

Hope you score that Ruger.

That’s right! On Friday, I got my three-hundredth comment on my blog. This comment came from a gentleman who has been pimping my holsters for me on his own blog. Thank you, Zack for comment number 300, and for your coverage on my custom holsters!

I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever been around a diesel running recycled oil, but I would imagine that it’s quite the experience. Sadly, I didn’t find the wonderful deal on a Ruger 10/22 that I wanted to. So, the search goes on. I know where I’m going to buy a new one if I can’t find the right deal on a used one. It seems like I’m not the only person in the area that’s looking for guilt-free plinking options, as most of the stores around here are having a hard time keeping 10/22’s in stock. I’m starting to wonder whether I’m going to be able to find a used one in time for Appleseed. If not, I’ll simply bite the bullet and pony up for a new one.

I felt like Zack deserved some kind of prize for being the 300th commenter. As you can probably both deduce from the above paragraph, the budget is stretched a little thin at the moment, so I had to get creative. I hope that both of you are familiar with the guy on the intertoobz that avoided paying a bill by milking a ruse that he was attempting to pay it with a drawing of a spider. If not, you should read about it here. It is completely worth the read for the laughs!

So, Zack – I hope you will enjoy my own special edition rework of the famed spider drawing. This is a Limited-Run, 300, Evyl Robot Edition, Seven-Legged, Spider Drawing. note how the spider grasps the Spartan sword much like those used in the movie 300.


I can think of few things that could strike more fear into so many hearts as a sword-wielding, ferocious, Spartan spider! Well, maybe a spider with an Uzi….


Heck, let’s up the ante and combine the two!


Grief! That IS frightening! I may have nightmares tonight! Good thing I don’t let my son read my blog!

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6 thoughts on “300

  1. Dude! I was so going to do that on my lunch break today, but I had to write this random post instead! gunbroker and gunsamerica!


  2. ONinNY, honestly, I can get one locally for $230.00 with a walnut stock, NIB. After the $206.98, I’d be shocked if I could get the shipping and FFL for <$23.00. There's a shop around here that has one with a really nice looking laser-cut stock that they are trying to get rid of. I'm thinking about making a stupid offer on it to see what happens. I just got some speed loaders for my M29 there on Saturday. I'm not seeing anything terribly impressive on gunbroker at the moment, unfortunately. I've had old-timers tell me that I could find these things for $50-$100. I'm going to have to call BS (or at least outdated)on that. Then again, these old timers are biologically old enough to be my grandfather. Wish me luck, brother. --Michael

  3. I forgot, the truck was down when you were here. Next time you make it this way, I’ll fill’er up with a little B100. Actually, it’s not a popcorn smell as much as the smell you get when you fire up the gas grill and burn off the cooking grids. Runs just a good as the regular stuff though.

  4. Well, if the hydrocarbons are there, they do tend to burn the same, I suppose. I have a buddy who is working on military helicopters. He said those turbines will run on anything that will burn, but they typically only run them on aviation diesel. I commented that he could run them on Willie Nelson’s Bio-diesel. He said that it would probably work, but his commanding officer would kick your ass for it. I thought that was funny.

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