Got Ammo?

Since we still have not received the replacement alternator for the Tactical Assault Compact Sedan, and Jennifer doesn’t want to risk being stranded on her own yet again, I drove her to work this morning. On my return trip, the car lost all throttle response while I was in the middle of the busiest intersection in town. And then the light changed. Much like Jennifer’s experience, fellow motorists confirmed they saw my hazard lights with horn honking and hand gestures. What couldn’t possibly have been more than a few seconds and yet felt like hours later, the throttle response was back and I laid some rubber to jettison myself from the path of so many pre-coffee, rush hour commuters. Then, I pulled into the Academy parking lot to check my pants for stains.

I seemed to recall that Academy gets their shipments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I wandered in to see about picking up some .22 lr. We are not as stocked up on ammunition as I would like, but we have enough to ward off a small apocalypse. We’re not going to be doing as much centerfire shooting as we’d like for a while until the insanity comes down, but we’ll be alright. I have been wanting to pick up some more rimfire so we can have some cheap range trips. It totally creeps me out to be out of any given caliber that we shoot, and we’ve been getting dangerously close to that line in .22. Unless of course you count the low-velocity stuff that won’t cycle the semi-autos, we’ve got oodles of that stuff still.

Crossing the store’s threshold, I saw a line of probably twenty people at the customer service counter waiting to purchase ammunition. Holy smokes! It was like post Soviet Russia. But with guns and spandex. Okay, so it was nothing like post Soviet Russia. On their most popular calibers, they are limiting customers to one box per caliber for a combined total limit of three boxes of ammunition per visit. I saw some people in line in front of me stocking up as best they could. The guy in front of me got their last full sized brick of .22 lr. Darn the luck! But, they had one last 325-round Federal mini brick, and I snatched it up. I would really like to have gotten several 525-round bricks, but we can make this work.

I will note that customer service has always been exemplary at this particular location. Also of note is how courteous and orderly the patrons were, even in this ammo buying scare. Nobody pushed or acted cross. There was no panicking and there was no gunfire. Not that there would be, but some people seem to think that’s how we prefer to solve all of our problems. I really hate scare buying, but if we have to have it, at least it’s calm scare buying. Maybe I’ll go back on Monday and see if I can get any more. I really wish they’d knock down Feinstein’s proposed bill so we can start getting back to normal.

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10 thoughts on “Got Ammo?

  1. I’ve got a bunch of Remington, Winchester and Federal bulk 22. Call or email if you need any over the weekend.

    • It was great to chat with you on the phone the other day. A while back, I inadvertently wiped out most of my contacts, so I once again have you saved. I appreciate the offer, but we wound up not going shooting over the weekend. We’re planning on going this weekend, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have enough ammo for the occasion. (hopefully!)

    • *shame* I used to keep 1,000 minimum. The last couple years have been lean enough for us that our minimum dropped down to a brick. I’d really like to be in a position to take that up to 5,000-10,000.

  2. I’ve been trying to up the ammo stockpile. I have 200 of 12 gauge 00; 200 of 9mm, and about 100 of .45. Hard to do when you are working on a budget.

    But, with tax returns coming in, I plan to add a couple hundred for each caliber plus about 200 .380 in JHP and then 200 in FMJ for the range. .22 is the same, got 200 need 400 more.

    I hate not having a decent income

  3. There was a line? Lucky you. Our local Super Wally World and our Farm & Fleet have been plumb outta .22 and 9mm for a couple of months. I don’t know how F&F organizes their ammo stock- it appears to be grouped by scarcity with entire 9-ft shelves empty. Unsettling…

    • Yeah, seriously. I have this feeling that an Academy fulfillment hub out there somewhere has a big stash that they’re dolling out to their stores.

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