Guns Are Fun

Today, due to a lack of motivation to write a blog entry, I started splicing some of the miscellaneous shooting video clips that we have amassed over the years. It’s less than two minutes, and I’d really appreciate if if you would watch it and give me some feedback. I really wasn’t setting out to make a statement, but this is what I wound up with:

I think it came out pretty well. What do you think? Overall, I think my videos are turning out better and better. I might eventually wind up as one of those people.

Edited *twice* to FINALLY fix a typo in the captions on the video.

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10 thoughts on “Guns Are Fun

    • The Glock 18 is loads of fun for sure, but I can think of other things that I would prefer to own, all things being equal. That being said, if you ever have a chance to shoot one, dew eet! You have a good ear. That is indeed Beethoven.

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