New Drink…

rose petal extacy


2) Large martini glasses
1) Large rose in full blossom
1) cc-agave nectar (check Target or natural food stores)
High-quality whiskey, gin, or vodka

De-petal rose. Rinse petals and put two aside, the rest in a shaker. Measure into shaker one and a half martini glasses full of bourbon or other type of whiskey. Don’t go with the extremely smoky, peaty, or woody stuff. Delicate flavors work best here. If it comes in a plastic bottle, don’t do it. Fill shaker 1/2-full of ice cubes. Pour in no more than 1-cc of raw agave nectar. Raw honey would make the appropriate flavor, but does not dissolve as nicely in cold liquid. It should pull the bitter out of the taste, but should not make this a sweet drink. Cap shaker and shake. Once rose petals are well macerated, and the liquor is ice cold, pour into martini glasses. Garnish each glass with one of the remaining petals.

This is like drinking liquid Victoria’s Secret. It is so worth the experience. If you don’t have the guts to do it in public, do it in private and don’t tell anybody. OMG!!! Good stuff!

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3 thoughts on “New Drink…

  1. This drink is seriously aMAZing! I think I’ve only had the whiskey version, and it made the liquor, which, to me, has a very manly persona, and added the fragrance and taste of femininity via the rose and agave. So kudos to you, Michael, for not only giving me a frickin’ tasty drink, but for giving it a very apt title!

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