Ten People Revisited

Some people like to accuse gun owners of not caring about victims of violent crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do we want to live long and happy lives free from violence, we want everyone else to as well. Heck, we even want those we disagree with to live long and happy lives free from violence. Unfortunately, some people want to bring violence to you, and they can only be stopped by force. And so, the most effective means is for someone with good intent to meet them with violence whether that’s a police officer, or some other good guy. We are that violence that lays dormant against the day that evil attacks. The overwhelming majority of us never seek to do anyone any harm, and would put our lives on the line to save the life of an innocent.

In my Ten People in a Room analogy, I conclude that if all ten people are armed and one of them has evil intent, he will be a lot less likely to act on his evil intentions. If however, of those nine people, three of them were carrying concealed handguns, three of them didn’t think much at all about guns, either positively or negatively, and the remaining three were highly opposed to guns, the one with evil intent would still have reason to not cause trouble, especially if he didn’t know which people were armed and which weren’t! Therefore, even those who are radically opposed to guns are still benefiting from their presence, despite their fears to the contrary.

Many antis act as though the very presence of a gun poses a threat, hence gun-free zones in schools and government buildings, as though a law-abiding gun owner in good faith will somehow ‘snap’ when they cross the threshold into certain predefined places. This is demonstrably false on so many different levels. What does constitute a threat is the presence of evil without opposition. Since the law says that I must leave my gun unloaded in my car, parked off school campus before I can go into the school, that’s what I do. I go into the school without my gun to meet with the teacher or accompany my kid to the lost-and-found, complicit with the laws and regulations. When the psycho wants to be famous, like all those other mass-murderers he’s seen on TV, he goes to the school so he can be the tenth guy in a room full of sheep. He knows that his murder spree will reap far more carnage if he’s the only one armed. And, the laws have disarmed me – someone who not only carries a gun, but has trained and practiced, and who has multiple background checks to prove my history as one of the good guys. Checkmate.

Ever notice how mass murders never happen in gun ranges, or police stations? Ever notice how the truly awful ones happen where guns aren’t allowed? Considering this, does anyone want to work up the numbers on how many deaths are due to gun regulations versus the lack of them? One could almost say that gun control in and of itself cause violence and crime. What if more people like me, trained and practiced in the use of arms, were allowed to carry in government buildings? What about on airplanes? I suspect we would deter or stop far more crimes than some silly regulation or law. Why? Because it would hit those who don’t abide by the laws where it hurts.

Dear antis: Just because you don’t like guns doesn’t make gun owners your enemy. You don’t have to like guns, and we won’t force you to have them. We are your friends and we want the world to be a safer place just as much as you do. But, the genie is out of the bottle now – you can’t make guns go away. Even if you could vaporize all of them, people would make them at home, smuggle them in from elsewhere, or simply use something else. No amount of legislation can save you, but we can. Give us a chance.

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One thought on “Ten People Revisited

  1. It’s not about fear of guns (though many of them are afraid of guns, which is then reinforced by the chief blood dancers) it’s about control.

    The people pushing for gun control want to be able to control everything, Bloomberg is a perfect example of this, so they need to make sure we can’t push back in any way, shape or form.

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