Me and My Stupid Shopping List…

I don’t know why, but I looooooove me some shotguns! I love them all! Single shots, double barrels, pump-action, bolt-action, semi-auto… I could see having a very large safe chocked full of the suckers. I’ve had my eyes on a 10-gauge double, as I mentioned in a previous post. Let me tell you, folks, 10-gauge shells are not exactly easy to come by, and they aren’t exactly cheap. I found a box of ten turkey loads at Academy for $15.00. The comparable 12-gauge shells would have cost me more in the neighborhood of A FRACTION OF THAT!!!!

And, then there’s this. I’ve never really had any great urge to buy a Kolishnikov, but this one is a 12-gauge shotgun! OMG, Squeeeeeee! *breathing quickly in paper bag* I’m sorry, everyone. That wasn’t pretty. But, seriously. I may have to get one of these sins against nature. If I do, I’m going to have to fit one of these to it. I think Judgement might be jealous.

I know, the Saiga-12 is like on the polar opposite of the spectrum from a coach gun in the shotgun universe, but that’s the thing – I’d like at least one of each, and every single variation in between!

*sigh* I’m glad to have gotten that off my chest. I feel much better now.

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13 thoughts on “Me and My Stupid Shopping List…

  1. Yup. You would fit in. The whole “OrangeNeck” thing is making more and more sense. And, that’s a compliment!


  2. My best friend calls me his “little yellow friend” and “little asian redneck.” I coined “OrangeNeck” and his sister (my other best friend) started using that whenever I did any type of rednecky thing.

  3. Yea, you would really fit in with my family too. All rednecks on the inlaw side and pretty cowboy on my side (which is redneck with horses).

  4. All I ever think about is plinking with my .22 rifles and air rifles. Is that soooo wrong?? LOL!!

  5. British people have dreams of sugarplums. Americans dream of plinking. Sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep the night before a range trip!


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