And, on a Lighter Note…

Since I have no intention of this becoming a gloom-and-doom blog, I have been attempting to balance my enraging/disturbing/worrying entries with lighter hearted ones. To that end, my brother, Microcosm Overlord, has been selling everything that’s not nailed down lately. His wife works part time, and he is currently unemployed with no unemployment benefits. In order to pay the bills and have a little scratch left over, he started selling some surplus belongings on Craig’s List and ebay. Then, he got hooked. Now, he’s telling me that the water is fine, and there will be punch and pie if I join in. Maybe. Anyway, this new… *ahem* hobby of his has led to some hilarious interchanges, such as the following:


Why he even thought to send that first pic is anybody’s guess, but bravo! I had to twist his arm to send me the image files so I could stitch them together and post the thread here. I hope this gives you a giggle, as it did me.

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6 thoughts on “And, on a Lighter Note…

  1. Have you ever noticed that only an Okie say’s “I’m going to the City” with the expectation that the other guy knows which city we’re talking about.

    • Ha! No, I hadn’t actually. However, the Okc metro area is pretty large geographically, and the next closest, proper city is probably Tulsa. I wonder if it stems from the fact that anyone in an outlying township is presumably going into Oklahoma City proper if they’re “going to the City.” As a side – I had family in New Mexico, and when they were “going to the City” they were referring to the bustling metropolis of Hobbs.

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