Smells Like Oppressive Propoganda

Woah. All stop. So, FEMA is telling local law enforcement that our founding fathers were ‘terrorists’? To me, this means one of two things. Either this is someone’s ill-thought method of shock education to drive some kind of point home, or it’s bolstering local LEOs to act against the people in case of revolt. If that’s the case, the federal government is attempting to desensitize police officers to the idea of opening fire on citizens. That gives me chills quite frankly. Pair that with multiple federal agencies making questionable purchases of large quantities of ammo, and this is a huge point of concern. Indeed, one must ask oneself what the FDA and the National Weather Service need rifle ammunition for, and why the federal government wants the police to view our founding fathers as terrorists, and whether those have anything to do with each other. We live in interesting times.

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2 thoughts on “Smells Like Oppressive Propoganda

  1. Scary thing is the audience offered up the Founding Fathers as terrorists. Also, did I hear the speaker correctly in the beginning; did he really say that Christians would cut your head off if you didn’t convert, but such actions were not terroristic? If so, that explains why our government seems to go out of its way to treat Muslims with kiddy gloves. I mean, if cutting off heads is not a terrorist attack, then what is?

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