Cake and Futility

A couple days ago, I summarized the escalation of gun control since the 1930s. A couple years ago, LawDog did the same in his cake analogy. Briefly quoted,

I’m left holding crumbs of what was once a large and satisfying cake, and you’re standing there with most of MY CAKE, making anime eyes and whining about being “reasonable”, and wondering “why we won’t compromise”.

I’m done with being reasonable, and I’m done with compromise. Nothing about gun control in this country has ever been “reasonable” nor a genuine “compromise”

This is seriously worth reading in its entirety. If you are a supporter of gun control and you wonder why we don’t want to hear any of your spewings, this would be a darned good example of why. As Breda was recently quoted as saying:

Have you ever tried to reason with a child in the middle of a full-blown, red in the face, snot coming out of their nose, gasping for air crying fit?

Yeah, well welcome to the national conversation on gun control.

And, that is exactly how it feels. When I say that gun control advocates are either the followers (the ignorant) or the leaders (the evil), it is because those in power go all hypocritical ‘do as I say and not as I do’ as in this example where Senator Trotter was arrested for having a handgun in his carry-on bag, despite supporting restrictions on firearms. And, if you seek to have us give up our rights and property, you might consider being polite about it. Don’t treat us like we don’t care about the victims. If you would listen, you would know that we not only care about the victims, we feel like you are cheapening the lives of the victims by so readily capitalizing on their ill fates.

The laws have gotten more and more restrictive on guns in gun free zones and to no good outcome. In many places, to simply take a gun into a school violates multiple layers of laws. In Oklahoma, where I reside, if you are going to go into a school building, you must:

1 – unload your gun and make it safe.
2 – secure the gun and ammunition separately in the car
3 – park off campus

There are places where this is not possible because of local geography. In rural districts, there may or may not be anywhere off school grounds where a car can be parked, legally or not. This is but one example of the onerous restrictions we law abiding citizens must bend to in our attempt to keep bad people from shooting up the place. But, what if we didn’t have to? Over four years ago (when I had something on the order of 1.8 regular readers), I wrote my ten people in a room analogy, which I reposted yesterday. The fact of the matter is that guns don’t wrongfully kill in the hands of good and responsible people, and laws don’t keep guns out of the hands of the bad and irresponsible.

Standing on similar philosophy, some schools have deliberately put more guns in their halls. It’s working in Israel after all! Similar legislation is in the works in Oklahoma. Perhaps instead of trying the same, tired, old thing over and over again, and passing further restrictive legislation to make carrying in prohibited places even more illegal, we ought to try a method with a better track record, and allow law-abiding citizens to legally carry guns into our halls of education? Many states restrict guns from shopping malls and churches. Oklahoma is one of the states that does not. Check and see how many of these mass murders have occurred in such places in this state. This is a precedence and should at least be part of the conversation.

I wish to God she had had an M4

Me too. Or a shotgun. Or better yet, a good pistol in a retention holster on her belt. But she didn’t. Because of gun control. As the story goes, the principal lunged toward the gunner. Who knows what she thought she could accomplish? It was a losing fight. I have to imagine that she counted herself dead already and knew that she had to do something instead of nothing. Do you think she might have preferred to have a weapon to defend herself and her school with beyond harsh words and a suicidal lunge toward death? Do you think the parents of the slain children might wish that there had been anything else to give them more of a chance? Good guys with guns save lives. Make sure there are no good guys have guns and tragedy is inevitable.

Besides that, why are you picking on guns anyway? A couple years ago, I wrote an entry in which I provide documented examples of violent slayings that were committed around the world without the use of a gun. Guns are NOT the issue here people. Guns are the convenient scape goat when we need to be focusing more on making our society better able to defend against evil doers.

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  1. In our discussion of the dangers of victim disaarmament zones we should not omit the 9/11 attacks. True, the attackers were only armed with razors. Those who could have fought back effectively were disarmed by their government.

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