It Won’t Work Anyway!

Yesterday I wrote quite the epic rant detailing the major stepping stones of gun control over the last three quarters of a century. Especially over the last few days, a lot of antis have tried to paint me, and those like me, as callous, unfeeling monsters for not wanting to cave to their baseless demands to give up my property to accommodate their irrational fears. In fact, @Brad_M on Twitter debated me for quite some time that stricter gun control was the way to go. Before he blocked me, he linked me to two graphs.

According to, The United States has a lot of guns. No surprise, I know. This graph indicates that there are nearly nine guns for every ten individuals in the country, according to total population, which is about a third more density than the second place holder. I don’t know how the website slants, but I’ve found time and time again, that even with the most biased of sources, when you can get down to comparing apples to apples, the numbers always reflect that the presence of guns does not increase crime, so I decided to play along and prove him wrong with his source. The second graph he linked from the same website shows total firearm murders per country, and indicates that we’re in fourth place, topped only by South Africa, Colombia, and Thailand. He laughably tried to explain to me that it was indicative of our incredibly high murder rate due to our higher incidence of guns.

I tried to help him understand that his presentation was highly slanted, and that if we were comparing rates of murders among countries versus density of gun ownership, that we should compare his first graph against murders per capita, regardless of method, in which we simply don’t make the first thirty-seven slots. People fail to realize that the United States of America is a LARGE country. We have a population of over three hundred million people on over nine million square kilometers of land. That makes our country a shade smaller than the combined continent of Europe by land mass, or nearly half the size of the European continent by population. Since we have a population five times larger than Great Britain, in order for the relative crime rate to be dead even, we would have to have five times as much total crime.

Additionally, if we understand that crime may happen with different tools when guns aren’t available, we find that we live in a very safe country by comparison. Despite the fact that for the last five years, gun sales have been constantly increasing, states are issuing more gun permits than they ever have before, our national violent crime rates continue to drop. It doesn’t really matter how you look at it; as long as you do so proportionately, the numbers will show that gun control doesn’t work.

When you have exhausted the debate and categorically displayed that their argument is not valid, they’ll start making stuff up, or stating that your argument is a lost cause anyway, or any number of immature diversions from logical, intelligent discussion. And, they’ll continue to push to have you separated from your property. Those at the top do it to subjugate you. Those at the bottom are idealists that don’t know any better. As I keep on saying, they are either evil or ignorant. One way or another, we can’t let them win, no matter the angle they take. This country is the last bastion of freedom and our guns are the last guarantee of that freedom. I would be willing to contribute to a collection to ship them to Europe, where they would certainly be happier. However, there’s no other place for us to flee to. Therefore, we simply can’t afford to let them make this place like the rest of the world.

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  1. In addition to not understanding the numbers, Liberals are too dumb to understand that correlation does not equal causation.

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