Newtown, CT

The details are still coming out on this horrible event. It looks as though the perpetrator had a murderous beef with his parents and let that spill over to innocent children. I believe there’s a special place in hell. My thoughts and prayers are with the survivors, and with the victims for that matter. I wish that something could have been done to avert this tragedy.

The bodies had not cooled to room temperature before the antis started sounding the call for gun control legislation. Although I’m largely preaching to the choir, I resent that very much. Firstly, the predictable blood-dancing is sickening. Additionally, I am of a group of innocent people that they would seek to punish for these crimes by deprivation of property.

It is human nature to want to do something about it. They make certain places ‘gun free’ in an attempt at making them safe. These ‘gun free’ locations are where the shootings happen. So, they want to do something about it and get rid of all the guns. My guns haven’t killed anyone – certainly not since I’ve owned them anyway. Besides, making guns illegal won’t make them go away.

Should we arm teachers? I think so. Should I be able to wear my gun any place I feel like it? Again, yes. Mass shootings never happen at gun shops. I am not in the minority of legal gun owners who can shoot straighter than a NYC cop, and practice more self-restraint than the typical YouTube portrayal of police behavior. And yet, the police are trusted to take their gun everywhere we are not. This is still one of the safest countries in the world, and certainly safer than any number of countries with outright gun bans. These are interesting times we live in. God help us all.

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3 thoughts on “Newtown, CT

  1. I have to totally agree on all points. Blood-dancing sickens me, but don’t take it out on those who had nothing to do with it. Nobody restricts access to motor vehicles any time a drunk driver wrecks his car. Focus on the issue, not the inanimate object. Having “gun-free zones” only means that evil has unrestricted access until the police arrive, at which point either a shootout, hostage situation, standoff, or suicide occurs. Gun shows, with buildings stuffed with more firearms, ammunition, and knowledgeable/responsible owners than your local Army National Guard unit, never have shooting sprees. The occasional ND as someone is exiting the building, yes. But never someone going full-auto inside. So, yes….your gun-free zones work. Law abiding citizens don’t carry inside them. But the price for establishing them, of which another portion of the bill was paid today by school children, is too high by several orders of magnitude.

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