Conversation with LawDog

I found myself in LawDog’s backyard, chatting with him about work and life and everything. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was probably on my second whiskey of the evening.

“You know what I’d really like to find?” I mused.

“What’s that?” LawDog asked.

“Strike anywhere matches,” I said, “I haven’t been able to find any of those things in years!”

LawDog took his turn to muse, “They can’t make them anymore.”

“Really?” I asked, “Where’d you hear that?”

“Well, I just imagine,” he posited, “with as litigious as our society is anymore, it’s probably too much of a liability.

“Oh,” I answered, “Good point. I’ve looked on the internet and at the grocery store and even in the camping sections at sporting goods stores. I don’t think they even exist anymore.”

LawDog nodded in understanding.

“Oh and,” I added, “I’m still going to tell the internet that your air conditioning came from the Dharma Initiative.”

And, why am I telling you this now? It’s because over the weekend, Jennifer and I wandered into a Westlake Hardware store for some supplies, and I found these babies:

I’m excited! I’m going to start so many fires with these!

…but, um… in a good way.

And at that, I miss my friends. :(

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9 thoughts on “Conversation with LawDog

  1. I’ve started finding them around here pretty regularly, in both the Shur-Fine groceries and more recently Wegmans groceries.

    They’ve changed the formulation somehow… they’re still strike-most-places, but they light harder than the good old Ohio Bluetips.

    I may or may not have squirreled away a dozen or two boxes.

    • The Ohio Bluetips worked TOO well – you could strike them off of jeans.. They went out of business in 1987.

      Supposedly the best available strike anywhere matches available today(barring buying old Ohio blue tips off of Ebay for outrageous sums) is the Penleys, which are made in Chile.

  2. Yeah, found out (to my chagrin) that the ‘normal’ matches we have at home will NOT light when struck on your zipper. Or a regular piece of sandpaper. They will ONLY strike on approved strikers that may or may not have been cut from the sides of one or two boxes and stashed inside waterproof containers with a random number of matches (for emergencies, you see!). Srike-Anywheres….man, that’d be something to find in one’s stocking this Christmas! *ahem*

  3. I also have to wonder, with videos being found on how to re-make primers using the ‘strike anywhere’ tip compounds, was there pressure brought on them to change the compound?

    • No. What killed them were lawsuits after they started fires. Mice were attracted to them, and tended to chew on them, which because they were “strike anywhere” caused them to ignite, often setting off the whole box. It would often cause the entire structure to burn. That’s why the strike on box matches came out – mice chewing on the wouldn’t cause ignition. Those lawsuits bankrupted Diamond(The current Diamond Match company is wholly owned by Jarden, Inc, after buying what was left after Diamond went under), and drove Ohio out of business.

  4. Another childhood memory gone!
    We used to make bottle rockets out of the centers of red roll caps, a couple match-heads and Jetex wick, all stuffed into an expended .22 cartridge and crimped.
    No more Jetex, red caps or match-heads.
    Damn I miss the 60s!


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