.22 Hanguns & Gold Bead Front Sights

I just had an email interchange with Laura from Falnfenix, in which I felt compelled to more deeply explain my stance on gold bead front sights on handguns, as I had mentioned the possibility of having them installed on our young and growing collection of .22s. The reason gold beads hit my radar in the least is Jennifer’s first gun, her S&W 627PC shipped from S&W with a genuine gold bead front sight. The gold is mounted in a more standard, pin-affixed blade like-a-so:

Please do pardon the grime. This does a beautiful job of gathering light and attracting your focus to that front sight when you are out in daylight.

As a matter of fact, I would say that this is about the best sight setup for a pleasure shooter that will see 99% of its use on sunny days at the outdoor range. Funny enough, these are the same conditions that I would think that our .22s will see nearly all of their action. I think it was Christmas last year when we pulled the trigger on our first rimfire handgun, a six-inch barrelled, S&W 617. I hand worked it with Mother’s Mag Wheel polish over the course of a few evenings of watching reruns of Dollhouse, bringing it to a high polish, and it is currently wearing a pair of Altamont boot grips.

Then, several months ago, we purchased our Ruger 22/45 in matte blue with the four-inch threaded barrel. Since then, we installed an M16A2 flash hider and highlighted the lettering in red, and FarmDad helped me disable the magazine disconnect and bolt release detent. I’m pretty sure we had only put the flash hider on it when I last introduced this gun. The operational mods were an improvement in every way, shape and form. Even the trigger pull and the magazine release work better now. If you have an unmodded MK-III variant, I highly recommend this modification.

And, in the KTKC challenge, I was the winner of a new 22/45 LITE. Although like its blued sibling, it has a threaded four-inch barrel, the difference between the two guns is like night and day. When I received this gun, I performed the same internal mods as the other 22/45. Then, I carved out a set of smooth grip scales out of a piece of near-mythical pink ivory, the sacred wood of the Zulu people.

One thing that has struck me about all three of these guns is that the front blade sight is shaped remarkably similar to that gold bead front on Jennifer’s 627PC.

In fact, I wonder how difficult it would be for my jeweler to drill into those sights and drop a bit of 14K gold in them.

I know he’s slammed right now, but I’m going to have to hit him up after Christmas and see what we can do along those lines.

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  1. Gold wont tarnish , but a piece of brass welding rod with a bit of clear nail polish or lacquer wouldn’t double the value of the rugers LOL

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