What Was That? UPDATED

Just a few minutes ago, a shockwave came through my house. In about half a second, it started at one end and traveled through the house, rattled everything along the way. It physically shook me hard when it passed. I quickly ran outside to see if I could see anything. My first thought was earthquake. My next door neighbor was peering around the corner of her house and asked what that was. The roofing crew a few houses down paused from their work for a moment. I called Jennifer to see if she had felt anything, which she had not. Moments later, I heard a fire truck and other emergency vehicles in the direction that it came from. A quick internet search has returned no info. I wish I had a clue what just happened.

UPDATE – Looks like it was an earthquake. 2.7-2.8 is what they are rating it. LINK LINK Didn’t feel like prior earthquakes, and it sure shook hard for no more magnitude than that.

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5 thoughts on “What Was That? UPDATED

  1. An explosion? Heavy equipment or structure collapse? Collective wills of the middle class taxpayers imploding? Founding fathers rolling over in their graves?

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