Bobcat Sighted

So, we did a little deer hunting over the weekend but didn’t see any deer come out into the clearing this time. On Saturday, sitting silently in our ground blind, Jennifer whispered, “LOOKLOOKLOOK!!!!” I followed her pointing finger and saw nothing. I looked all around and looked back at her and shrugged. “It’s coming down the hill, towards us, right over there,” she hissed.

I looked again. I squinted. “I don’t see it,” I whispered as quietly as I could manage, “Is it a doe or a buck?”

“It’s not a deer,” she said, “Keep watching. It keeps stopping, but it will start walking again.

So, I stared. And then, I saw the movement. What the? That’s either a furry octopus or the world’s largest wild rabbit. “Is is a rabbit?” I said.

“I don’t think so,” Jennifer said, “too big for that.”

“Well yeah,” I said.

And when it turned so we could see its profile, we ghasped in unison, “BOBCAT!”

“Gimme your camera,” Jennifer said, and I quickly handed it to her.

She snapped off a couple of pics and I said, “Video! Get some video!”

She looked over the controls and frustratedly shoved the camera at me. I motioned to the video button and she fired it up. When she could no longer track it from her side of the blind, she asked me to take the camera and I had a very hard time tracking it. Even so, here’s what we came up with:

Pretty cool huh? We could see deer in the trees in the background of the video until the cat came through. At that point, they had better places to be. I showed the video to the proprietor of the local liquor store who asked me if I was scared of it. I assured him that we were in no danger from the cat, but I left out the fact that I was far more concerned about the local two-legged varmints.

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6 thoughts on “Bobcat Sighted

  1. You can trap them during trapping season which used to start in December; I haven’t ran a trapline in since the 80’s so I’m not up on current laws but I do know you need a a trapping license and bobcat tags. I live in Eastern Oklahoma and I’m seeing coyotes like I haven’t seen in years. Look on the bright side gun season starts in a couple of days then you’ll get your deer. Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Awesome that you saw one, but wow, watching that was worse than any of the first person movies. Camera was EVERYWHERE except on the cat.

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