Bring It Home.

I’ve been a little behind on… …well, everything. One thing that I’ve been behind on though is reading the blogs. So, Tam got some bad news from her doc. And, she’s going to have some medical bills to contend with. But, we can donate to her cause to help alleviate those bills. And, my friend Mark has sweetened the pot, if you will do so. If you go to her website, you’ll see a PayPal button in the right column, like so:

Donate there and get a screenshot of your receipt. Email your screenshot to Mark. For every five dollars you donate, he’ll put your name in the hat for a drawing to win a pair of his beautiful custom grips for your 1911 or Hi-Power. Just this last September, we donated a lot of money to fight cancer for complete strangers. We wore kilts. Some of us lost hair. Others of us spent the day on the firing line in a slinky black dress and published salacious video of our spouses sniping a paint can with a .50BMG or two. My point is, we’re the kind of people that will go to great lengths to help others, and one of our own is in trouble. Shamefully, I don’t actually own a 1911 or a Hi-Power, but I’ll still be donating when I decide what I can work into the budget. Tam has a heck of a support network, and it’s time for that network to go to work for her.

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