Open Carry – First Day in Oklahoma

As you have probably already heard, Open Carry went into effect today in the State of Oklahoma. I don’t intend to do a whole lot of OC, but I have been preparing for this. I’ve sold several OC specific rigs to other Okies in the last year. I made a matched pair of ostrich, horse, and stingray paddle holsters for my Performance Center revolvers, and have a black belt with red stitching to match them. Jennifer got a new, red, metallic, patent leather holster to fit her FN with a CT Rail Master and a matching double magazine carrier and belt. She also got a black holster for the same setup with flat dark earth stitching to match her pistol. Today, I’m wearing my M&P45 in black basket weave with matching magazines on the off side. I think they probably set OC to go into effect on November 1, because it’s usually too cold to not wear a cover garment this time of year. Joke’s on them though. It’s absolutely beautiful out! Before the sun was up, I took out the trash and rolled the dumpster to the street, carrying openly. Nobody was out and it was dark. Nobody noticed. Twice today, I checked the mail with my gun uncovered. Nobody was out. Nobody noticed. So, this historic date remains boringly non noteworthy. If I was trying to make a statement, I’d be quite disappointed. Frankly, if I wasn’t the holster maker, I might very well not ever Open Carry. I don’t know for sure. I figure I probably will from time to time, but not indiscriminately. As I go about my daily life, I prefer to stay far more under the radar than that. Even so, experience tells me that most people wouldn’t notice even with the gun hanging out under their noses in plain sight. It should be interesting to see how this works moving forward.

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3 thoughts on “Open Carry – First Day in Oklahoma

  1. I don’t OC often, not against, I just have noticed that for me personally, I get to much attention when I do. I realize for most everyone it goes unnoticed, but that has not been my experience and while the folks making comments have been fine, I still prefer to go unnoticed. My biggest regret is too many people miss out on seeing my super cool AGirl holster.

    However, I love the option and I am so happy you all have it now!

  2. Open-carried for the first time today*. Like the lady said, not something I’d probably do often, but it’s really nice having the option.

    *Intentionally; which doesn’t count taking the trash out or something and forgetting to cover it

  3. Heh. It’s funny – yesterday afternoon, we went to Academy to pick up boot laces for Jennifer’s new jungle boots that she got as a warm-weather alternative to her combat boots. (There’s an awesome sentence for you!) Anyway, as we were getting out of the car, she asked if I wanted to go in open. And, I didn’t really feel like it. I love it that the option is there, but I’m not sure how much I’ll really take advantage of it.

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