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UPDATED TO ADD: To any of you who haven’t heard the news, I’m not speaking of our literal back yard. I’m speaking of the family property where we spend a lot of our leisure time. It’s just so personal that it feels like the back yard. Nobody in the family is in any immediate danger, but we do need to heighten awareness when we go out to target shoot, camp, or hunt. Sorry for any confusion – didn’t mean to cause any panic.

Please do pardon the lack of links. If you know me at all and are up on current events, you know that our stomping grounds have been severely violated. As a matter of basic safety and common sense, we ironically feel that it is most responsible of us to put our son through some pistol drills and training and make sure he carries a sidearm where ever possible. For the time being, he’ll carry Jennifer’s M&P9c, but we’ll be shopping for a pistol that will be ‘his.’ I’ll start him at home, but whenever we’re at the farm, he’ll be equipped with his sidearm as well as a shotgun or rifle. I hoped that this point would come because of casual choice, rather than being bullied into it because of local trash who have to commit violent crime in my backyard (Please refer to update note above). God help us, he won’t ever draw the gun in fear. If it comes down to it, I hope that I get the bad guy before he does; because I’m confident that I can absorb the stress of the situation. Even so, I won’t allow my son to go without preparation and protection.

On a lighter note, my KTKC pistol came in. It is a Ruger 22/45 Lite. We didn’t really know what was coming in before today. We thought it might be exactly like the 22/45 that we already have. If that had been the case, we would have likely traded it towards something else. Since it’s something different and cool, we’ll probably go ahead and add it to the stable. I’ve been on a mission to put all of our range toys in flashy leather. Our high-polish S&W 617 rides in a Mossy Oak leather rig. The previous 22/45 (with its M16 birdcage) rides around in a black paddle that is triple stitched in red, white, and blue stitching. It has a generous cutout on top of the upper receiver and around the bridcage. The effect is a space holster with a space gun in it. For the Lite, I’m thinking a drop thigh rig with nickle spikes on it.

Frankly, with the three of us picking up hunting all of a sudden, it just seems prudent for each of us to be carrying a .22 handgun when we’re in the woods, for the sake of small game. And, it can be difficult to make room on the belt for a primary carry, reload, and a full-size .22 lr handgun. So, we’ll play with the drop-thigh holster to see how that works. If it is more convenient in practice, I may make such an animal for each of the other two .22s in the house. Funny. I’m looking forward to carrying the .22 Lite at one time or another, but ultimately, I see myself carrying that 617 revolver. The revolver needs some tuning done, and the Lite needs to be worked on, and the prior 22/45 is just about perfect just like it is. It needs different grips, but that’s in the pipeline too. Although the new one will need grips, I’m leaning a little more in the direction of anodized aluminum as opposed to wood. If we could match the upper, that would be ballin’ BA. At that, I realize that I’m totally rambling and need to cut this off.

Good night to all of you lovely people. Have a great weekend.

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  1. THe style you made for me works well. And it can be used IN ADDITION to another holster. And it unsnaps easily (although I;d use something other than the “lift the dot” fasteners).

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