New Page!!!

To both my readers,

If either of you wants to order a full-custom holster, I’m now officially taking orders. I’m going to be working on my brand-new Gunleather Page, to get it cleaned up to exhibit projects that I’ve done. I’d like to know what you think about it.

*Thank you, Instinct, for the thumbnail link idea. I like!*

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6 thoughts on “New Page!!!

  1. Instinct,

    I’ve got mixed feelings on IWB. I did make one for Jenni, and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. There are things that I would do the same, and there are things that I would SO change, were I to do it again. As a matter of fact, this big, N-frame holster that I’m making for her is an IWB. I’ll get pics of that one posted before too terribly long.


  2. I use my OWB holster and put in on a separate belt and wear that IWB. Then I wear my jeans with its own belt, over my gun & holster. This way, if I ever need to use a public restroom, I can drop trousers without dropping the gun also. This works especially well with my full-size 1911.

  3. ONinNY,

    Is that comfortable? I like the idea, but it seems like stuff could slip around and get really uncomfortable or something. I do know that it takes about 3-lbs of downward force on the back of my belt to pull my pants clean off when they are unfastened, and each of my two revolvers weighs about 2.5-lbs. Your solution sounds like a very valid option there. What kind of 1911 do you have?


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