The Catsuit Video

During the Kilted To Kick Cancer drive, I may or may not have made certain promises involving Jennifer, a PVC catsuit, and a .50-caliber rifle. The funniest part is that I was more comfortable showing up dressed ridiculously and salaciously with this group of fine people than I would be in front of some people that I see everyday. Anyway, you people are awesome. There were two .50-caliber rifles available, so Jennifer shot both of them. The catsuit actually split open in the seat on Saturday night, so after about five Nerd Beers, I found myself with needle and thread in our quarters that evening, sipping a bloody mary and stitching the butt closed. I just knew it was going to look terrible. However, it seemed to do the job just fine. But, you’re probably not here to read my ramblings this time. No, you want to see this:

Not sure how we’ll top that for KTKC ’13, but we’ll think of something. I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks again!

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12 thoughts on “The Catsuit Video

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  3. How to beat it next year? Well you can always give the ladies their beefcake with you in a PVC Catsuit. Actually the guys would probably donate to KEEP you from doing that. :o)

  4. Next year?


    Air strikes and lingerie obviously.

    Not sure what to do for your lovely partner in crime though.

    Naughty Nurse and Napalm?

    French Maid and RDX?

    Nymphs and Nukes?

    What am I doing? You lot are actually crazy enough to do those and the Nerds could actually obtain the material for the core….

    Please do not turn any bits of Colorado in glass.


  5. I hadn’t thought of the holster work crossing over to clothing repair.

    I have some buttons I need sewn back on. How much would I need to donate to get that?

  6. As a connoisseur of such matters, let me state most emphatically that Jennifer’s butt could likely launch more ships than the face of Helen of Troy.

    ( Short version: DAAAAAAMMN!! =:O )

    You guys have a great attitude and have done a lot to help out a good cause. I do hope to meet you one day.

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