Virtual School and Teen Mindset

Teen Bot – “I don’t know why I’m showing a zero on this quiz.  I didn’t even take this quiz.”

Me – “Could it be that you were supposed to take it and received no credit because you didn’t?”

Teen Bot – “Oh right…  But, the teacher said we were on Unit 8 and I got caught up through Unit 8.”

Me – “Teen Bot, that was a week and a half ago.  Surely the class has progressed some since then.”

Teen Bot – “Oh.”

This goes so far beyond a simple facepalm.  This year, they’ve integrated some high school classes into his cirriculum, which is good.  They expect the HS kids to be more responsible with keeping up with their work, and not have the parents spoon-feed it to them like the younger kids.  Which is also good.  However, there was one page I could go to last year and see at a glance if he was missing anything.  Not so this year.  So, periodically I’ll have him show me where he needs to be and where he actually is.  Sometimes, he’ll start telling me that he’s all current and I’ll have to remind him, “show me.”  Funny that when he’s most confident that everything is going great is when he’s most likely to be behind.  Youth Deer Gun Season is this weekend.  We’re planning to go out, but not if he’s not current in school.  Fall Break starts tomorrow in the system, but he may be working, depending on what he gets done today.  That’s the best. Thing about virtual school.  It’s really easy in the schedule.

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4 thoughts on “Virtual School and Teen Mindset

  1. Our 14 is very responsible, smart kid which is why we are baffled that simple things like knowing when an assignment is due seems to allude her:)

    My husband said, stop reminding her so she learns. I said, uh, no. I need her to learn, pass and move out someday:)

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