Kilted Aftermath

This year I was able to spend a lot more kilt time than last year because of weather and the availability of another kilt for garment rotation. Now, my Wranglers feel weird. I’m actually really looking forward to more unbifurcated goodness this weekend. But, that’s not the point now. I’ve just sent emails to my five top donors. People, this year’s support was phenomenal. I received almost thirty eight times the donations that I did last year. My top five donations ranged from $150 to $300. Wow. And, that is not in any way intended to draw attention away from the smaller donations. If I hadn’t received the $5 to $10 donations, this would not have happened. As has been stated, I took second place by THREE DOLLARS.

And, I’m not at all trying to gloat. If I could have hand picked two bloggers to share the top three with, I’d be hard pressed to choose any better than JayG and Stingray, and I’m looking forward to seeing them this weekend. Although our totals were a mere three dollars separated, had Stingray and I pooled our donations, we still wouldn’t have touched JayG’s staggering total. Good job, gentlemen! I want to thank Larry at Last Refuge, Erin Palette, and definitely A Girl, but most of all my lovely wife who goes on all my crazy adventures with me for all their promotion and support. Also, many thanks to Kelly and his friends for coming up with this brainchild in the first place, and for persevering and nurturing it into what it threatens to ultimately be.

Which brings me to my next point. Last weekend I picked up a third camera tripod, and we’ll make sure all the batteries are fully charged so we can get the promised video footage of Jennifer shooting the M82A1 in skin tight PVC. And, I’ve been putting my own outfit together, which does include a black dress and some… accessories. Should be good. I don’t know what the heck we could possibly do to top this next year. We may have to start planning in a few weeks. Not only is this an awesome cause, it was a whole lot of fun! Thanks again to all of you!

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