KTKC – Getting Close

Last year in KTKC, I accepted $60 total.  Thanks to all of your generous giving, my donation page has taken in $1,730.00 so far this year.  That’s trailing Stingray for second place by less than $400.  If the donations have stalled out and that’s all we’re going to see, then it still makes for some impressive results.   If you propel that number above $2,000.00, not only will we go ahead with Jennifer’s .50 BMG video, I’ll also publish pics and/or video of me at the range in a dress, as The Goth Queen.  We’ve got about 27 hours to make it happen, and that goal is so close!  Please do donate here.  Thanks again!

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5 thoughts on “KTKC – Getting Close

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  2. If I were looking for a custom holster, would you prefer an order through your business or a donation to the campaign? I’m as big a fan of .50 BMG as the next guy, but I realize there’s a practical aspect here as well…

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