Kilted To Kick Cancer – The Last Friday with Standings Update, Updated…

Here we are, at the very end of KTKC 2012. I want to start by giving some huge thank-you’s to all of you who donated on my behalf. Among the kilted, you have put me in a solid third place, behind JayG and Stingray, but ahead of Kelly. Unless something crazy happens (again), that’s likely where I will finish. I am still expecting a few donations in, which have been pledged but not received, and we’ll just have to see if and how that affects the finish. I am so humbled and honored by your support; you people are amazing. The top four donors to my account are standing at $200, $150, $100, and $75 currently. One of my $50 donors was trying to donate again yesterday but was having issues with the donation website. **Update – My official top five donors as of right now are $200, $150, $150, $100 and $75. Thank you!** I expect that will be resolved shortly and we’ll have an actual top five to receive the gun grips, custom holster, and oil paintings. Because, we’re classy over here in this corner of the internet. 😛 I’m still going to need to figure out how to contact those of you who were the top donors. I’m sure we’ll figure out something there.

Also, one of the donors has requested one of Jennifer’s illustrious “designer” paper bags. If any of the rest of you who donated want an autographed paper bag, just give one of us a shout and we’ll make that happen.

As to catsuit pics, I believe that the promise was that if I took first place, I’d publish video of Jennifer shooting the M82A1 in skin tight PVC. Unless we have our own little Christmas miracle (which I’m not ruling out until midnight Sunday), I don’t see that happening this year. Perhaps next. However, the deal was that if you people put me in the top three, we would take some high-quality, high-resolution pictures and publish them for your review. Assuming I don’t slip from third place, we will be working to make sure this happens. Do you have any poses or angles you’d like to specifically request? I imagine we can take a few fun pictures. If you can manage to bump me up into second place before midnight on Sunday, we’ll do more pics in more poses and possibly even try to get Oleg in on the action.

I’ve gotten donations and well-wishing in this thing, but I haven’t received a whole lot of requests of stuff to do or give for donations. I really do value your input and would love to get some ideas from you. Obviously, it’s a little late in the game to change the plan, but we can start planning ahead for KTKC 2013, right? So anyway, we’re not done yet, but it’s looking good so far. Please do slide your donations my direction as we’ve still got a couple days. I’ll be wearing my kilt. Thanks again!

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4 thoughts on “Kilted To Kick Cancer – The Last Friday with Standings Update, Updated…

      • Thanks. Kelli and I laughed about it and decided it was well worth adding to our original donation to put us up there near the top and get that bag. And do some good for cancer research. I hope others enjoy the catsuit, just not my thang. AND oh by the way, In case it hasn’t been said enough, THANKS to both of you and all the others for the efforts and stunts and prizes and all that you have done and are doing for this. Cancer needs to be kicked and the more people know, the more likely they are to get checked early and that makes potential saves a reality! THANKS AGAIN!

        • Thank you for the support, and please do extend that you Kelli. We are looking forward to making spectacles of ourselves this weekend. LOL!

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