What to do on a Monday in your kilt…

Why not take a squirrel

And, turn him into meat?

The shot was another thoracic hit, and dropped the critter from the tree he was sitting in. It was so quick that he surely didn’t know what had hit him and he was in squirrel heaven before his carcass hit the ground below. The shot was at about 50-feet with a .22 Short, again displaying the surprising stopping power of this nearly silent round. Jennifer did all of the skinning on this one, and she has a project in mind for the pelt that will make you laugh if she can actually pull it off. The meat came out to just under a pound on the bone. The squirrels have been very active recently. Farm Mom confessed to me that of all the animals she’s eaten, squirrel has never been on her menu. I’d like to shoot a few more of them and haul them to Blogorado for that reason. Wish me luck on that. For ranges such as these, I’m thinking of putting my bow to work to see how it does. I’ll need to pick up some small game heads, I suppose. It’s less than a week until the opening of deer & turkey archery and rabbit seasons. And, I believe dove is in full swing. Speaking of archery, Jennifer shot an email to a couple crossbow manufacturers yesterday asking for a T&E model. Wish her luck on that!

And, on the small game; it’s always fascinated me that taking an animal down to packaged meat is no big deal to some people and simply unthinkable to others. At the radical extreme is someone who finds chicken cooked on the bone unappetizing. I would chalk it up to experience depending on the individual, but that doesn’t necessarily seem to have a whole lot to do with it. Sure, I dissected animal specimens in biology class, have bought whole birds (chicken, turkey, duck, goose) to cook for dinner and pieced them out myself, and have been known to cook a squid at times, which come with all internals intact. However, I didn’t have any experience taking apart an animal that I had just dispatched until I first did it. And, it didn’t really bother me even then. I like animals just fine, but I really don’t mind eating them either. And, tree rats are tasty – I know Teen Bot likes them.

That’s what I did in my kilt yesterday. Please do donate to my Kilted To Kick Cancer page. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “What to do on a Monday in your kilt…

  1. I have no problems with people hunting their own meat, and I know full well where my meat comes from, but I simply cannot abide it raw, whether it comes out of a plastic package or a four-legged one. I break out the tongs, the forks, the knives, and everything else I can get my hands on to avoid directly touching it, and thoroughly wash my hands afterwards.

    Was not a huge fan of dissection either.

    For me, it is not even a matter of the cuteness of the animals in question – I hate squirrels with a small passion, and would have killed scores of them as a child if my parents had not required me to simply trap and extradite them – but more a tactile problem; raw meat just does not feel right.

    Everyone is wierd in their own way :).

    • Isn’t that fascinating? I have to wonder what the difference is – as in, what causes that kind of split in what’s ‘okay’.

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