Monday – Weekend Kilt Recap

This weekend, I was kilted, as I have been this month. I’ve completely given up on trying to convince “Mom” at the liquor store that the kilt is anything but a skirt. She’s from Korea and only has so much grasp on the English language. She at least thinks the goal of cancer reasearch/awareness/preparedness is noble. I got compliments from several strangers at Target and from a few people at church yesterday. Yes, I wear my kilt to church. And, sit in the choir loft in it. But, you good people deserve to see some pictures. I had to do some work on the car on Saturday.

And then, I mowed the lawn.

Of course, I actually enjoy grilling dinner.

Ahem. I said I enjoy grilling dinner.

That’s more like it! My friends, your donations these last couple of weeks have been so incredibly generous. Thanks to all of you who have donated. As of this writing, you have donated a total of $990.00, which is awesome! Stingray has managed to pull ahead of both Kelly and me in the running. Remember friends, if I finish in the top three, we’ll publish high-resolution pics of Jennifer in the PVC catsuit. If I win first place, you get the video depicting .50BMG recoil-induced butt jiggles. Right now, it would only take me $250 to overtake both Kelly and Stingray for second place. It would take a bit more than that to swing first, but that’s not a complete impossibility even still. In addition to all kinds of hair removal, and to “up the ante” from the sexy PVC pictures and/or video, JayG has offered to spend some time in a pink kilt and Stingray has offered to sing us a song. Humiliation? is that what you want? Do I need to put that catsuit on myself? When you donate, add a note with your opinion on the matter. Like, “Yeah Evyl, we want to see you squeeze into that thing,” or, “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY DO NOT PUBLISH PICS OF YOURSELF IN SKIN-TIGHT PVC!!!” What the other guys keep promising but fail to acknowledge is that you simply can’t shame the shameless. You want to see me do something stupid in return for your generous donation? Bring it on!

Please donate here!

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